• Harvey Nash Recharge - The Future of Work


    Hey everyone – the next Recharge meetup is happening in just over a week. It's the last one for 2018 and we intend to end it with a bang. We’re going to introduce the evening with some hot off the press stats from our IT leadership and tech surveys. Our MD Bridget Gray will introduce the evening, we’re then going to hear Dr Richard George from Faethm who will talk to us about The Future of Work and the impacts of emerging technology on our workforce. Dr Richard George, Chief Data Scientist at Faethm will share his knowledge and findings on how AI and robotics will impact jobs, skills and wages. Come join us for pizzas, beers and wine and great company at Atlassian on the 8th November 2018!! Timeline 6PM – 6.30PM - grab pizza, drinks, chat and network 6.30PM – 7.30PM - presentation + Q & A 7.30PM – 8PM - more pizzas, beers, networking P.S: Faethm is an AI Analytics SaaS platform that helps governments and companies visualise and measure how to transition people, companies and industries with the right skill development, infrastructure, investment and services. Check them out here - https://faethm.ai/ Cheers Ash

  • The DevOps Dilemma - Harvey Nash Recharge

    Atlassian (level 6)

    Most people in tech understand the power of DevOps in optimising software delivery but introducing new culture, practices and tools to businesses and teams is no cakewalk. Which is why we've locked in 2 seasoned Engineering Managers to talk to us about their experiences, successes and failures! Andy Barker is the CTO of Swipejobs and he is responsible for building much of their processes and architecture from ground up. He'll tell us about how practices he has helped foster have helped Swipejobs to increase their rate of release, reduce rate of failure and rollback quickly when it does happen. Katherine Squire is the General Manager, Software Engineering at NBN. She's got extensive experience championing DevOps in large organisations by securing buy-in from business leaders and building a business case for change. Here is your chance to hear from 2 very successful Engineering Leaders and have an interactive discussion about DevOps. As always, there will be plenty of pizza, beers and wine!

  • The Future of Crypto - Harvey Nash Recharge


    Hey everyone! We’re constantly trying to raise the bar for our Recharge meetups with interesting speakers, content and engaging discussions. So far, we’ve had several brilliant speakers and presenters talk about Engineering Culture, Bootstrapping startups, Cyber Security etc. But with all the hype and media attention on Cyrptocurrency, it seems like it would be a great topic to shine the spotlight on. If you’re sitting on the sidelines watching this phenomenon like I am, you’re probably wondering -what is it all about? Is there any value in it? Is it a payment mechanism or an investment vehicle? Is it safe to use? Does this spell the end of Fiat currency as we know it? There are probably no absolute answers to many of these questions as the story of Crypto is still developing but what we’re going to do is assemble a panel of 4 experts with differing backgrounds and opinions. We’ll ask them some poignant and thought-provoking questions with the hope of sparking an intelligent and exciting discussion between panelists as well as audience members. By the end of it, we hope you’ll have a better understanding of Crypto and make up your own minds on whether it’s going to be huge disruptor or a passing fad… Our Speakers Panelist 1: Louise Mercer Louise is the Head of Australia, New Zealand and Singapore for Everledger, a company that has developed a blockchain based solution to provide transparency of supply chain and assurance of authenticity for industries where provenance matters. Everledger have been particularly successful in the diamond industry, helping to address fraudulent and conflict diamonds from entering the supply chain whilst enabling legitimate trade. Whilst Everledger is not directly employing cryptocurrencies, Louise can bring a first-hand perspective on the underlying blockchain technology and their implications for cryptocurrencies Panelist 2: Chris Monk If you’ve attended our previous meetup, you’re probably familiar with him! What you may not know is that he also runs Blockchain workshops, has an Economics background and has been following the Crypto phenomenon closely Panelist 3: Matthew Hale Matthew is a blockchain & energy consultant with a focus on community energy and electric vehicles. He is also cofounder at Everty, a P2P electric vehicle charging network and charger management platfom. Panelist 4: Beau Stoner Beau, is a Cryptocurrency Educator and Blockchain consultant. He is a Udemy Instructor for Cyrptocurrency Investment Fundamentals and the founder of Cryptocurrency Australia Media. He also has his own Youtube channel where he provides information on crypto, market news and tutorials! Panelist 5: Max Kaye Max is a long-time blockchain developer and architect. He's currently the co-founder of SecureVote - a decentralised governance solution for token-based communities running on Ethereum, Stellar, and other networks. He is also the co-founder of Flux, a political party and democratic movement to bring democracy into the modern age. They advocate a new system of democracy which allows direct and meaningful participation in governance on local and national levels, while also protecting against career politicians and bad policy. He was an early contributor to Ethereum, a co-founder of The Bitcoin Association of Australia and Bitcoin Sydney.

  • Recharge - The Harvey Nash Web and Mobile Meetup

    Hey everyone! If you've ever wondered how hackers attack major organisations and bring them to a standstill, you'll want to attend this meetup! Chris Monk, Cyber Security Expert from Decoded is going to show us a targeted 'live hack'. You'll learn how hackers select targets, detect vulnerabilities, perform social engineering and breach defenses. It's going to be eye-opening and slightly scary... The objective of the hack is to show how relatively simple it can be to hack into an organisation and what you can do to protect yourself and your company. Come to the Atlassian offices between[masked]PM. As usual, there will be plenty of pizza and booze. See you there! Cheers Ash

  • Mobile and Web Development-Come along! Learn, socialize, network and eat Pizza!

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you all know about our second quarterly Recharge event! This time we will be having an interactive, open-floor, panel style discussion where each speaker will touch on their respective points below. The speakers will be sharing valuable info on building a start-up, joining a start-up and progressing your career within an engineering team. Confirmed speakers so far: 1) CEO and Founder @ Jaxsta - Jacqui Louez Schoorl 2) Internal Talent Acquisition @ AirTree Ventures - Sara Morales 3) Technical Manager @ Commonwealth Bank - Roneel Muhammad 4) Head of Engineering; Lending, eXperience delivery and NEO Tribes @ Tyro Payments - Christopher Logan The meetup will be hosted at Atlassian again on Thursday the 27th of July. Beer, Wine and Pizza! Come along, ask, talk and learn. Get involved!

  • Recharge - The Harvey Nash Mobile Meet Up


    We are going to discuss the ins and outs of mobile development from conception through to delivery. Harvey Nash are calling all mobile app lovers to join us for chats, pizza, beers & wine and to see some of Sydney’s top technical talent discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of mobile app development. We will be looking at what skills are currently in demand in the market, what the pain points are of mobile development, how to gain funding and how to make yourself more marketable and employable. The speakers: The speakers: 1. Kelly Slessor - Founder @ Shopof.u & CEO @ Bantermob: Kelly will be discussing such things as; war stories, success stories and how she made it into the position she is in today. Kelly Slessor is a Digital Strategist specialising in mobile. Having spent most of her career working in retail tech Kelly recently launched her own start up; Shopof.U, a personalised mobile shopping application, matching brands with consumers based on their style, size and preferences. She is also the CEO of Bantermob a mobile marketing consultancy company. Kelly has spent her career understanding consumer behaviour, simplifying technology and designing the future based on insights and research. 2. Solange Cunin – CEO & Founder@ Cuberider: Solange is going to speak about how to successfully pitch for and gain funding. For many developers, successfully delivering a side project or passion project to market and then running with it as a successful business would be a dream come true. Solange is an expert in making an idea come to life and will share some of this expertise with our audience. 3. Francisco Morales – Internal Talent Acquisition @ Canva: Francisco is going to give us an insight into what a high calibre tech company looks for when hiring new developers. He will touch on topics such as: properly presenting a CV in order to most effectively sell your skills and achievements, how to speak about your work in an interview, and what to ask in order to identify if an opportunity is a good fit for you. 4. Anthony Egerton – Mobile Tech Lead @ Air Tasker: Anthony is going to speak about his own journey, including personal trials and tribulations. He will also be discussing the current trends in the mobile development market. Additionally, Anthony will be speaking about the issues working within a rapidly scaling business and how to handle such demand from your team when talent is short in the market. Q&A with Bridget Gray – Managing Director @ Harvey Nash moderating the panel