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"We are all unique compositions wanting to express our songs to the world."

We all know those moments when we feel disconnected from ourselves and out of sync with our deepest desires. Those times when our outer world is in conflict with our inner universe. I use sound to help you heal and reconnect with yourself so you can access and express your gifts into the world. I encourage you to delve deep into your own growth so that you may extend that into the world through your business or a cause. When you are fully in tune with yourself, you can make an impact in the world simply by being you. When you are experiencing harmony within, this is reflected outwardly and you begin to feel in the flow in all areas of your life.

Anyone wanting to have healing experiences are welcomed.

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Sound Healing Workshop

Pi Studio

Sound healing uses sound frequencies, resonance and vibration therapeutically, to balance a person holistically (body, mind, spirit) in order to create harmony, balance and wellbeing. This workshop will cover the basics of how sound works holistically and will offer a practical example of its benefits via a voice-led sound bath experience. Simone will use her voice (and a few instruments), to guide you into deep state of relaxation where healing can take place. Whether you have a physical ailment, feeling anxious or stressed or just want some time to relax, you will find many benefits in attending this workshop. What to expect: – You will learn about how sound healing works. – You will lie comfortably and soak up a variety of sounds for up to an hour. – Simone will then invite you into a call and response vocal release to help you ground yourself and integrate the healing you have received. Open to everyone with no need for any previous experience. FEE: £40 BOOKING STRICTLY VIA FOLLOWING LINK: http://bit.ly/2k7zatT ABOUT SIMONE NILES Simone is an expert transformational coach, sound healer and author on a personal mission to help you heal and connect with your authentic self, so that you can express your gifts into the world and make an impact. Simone's gift in using sound has touched many through her healing, teaching and performing for more than two decades. "All I can say is wow! Working with Simone is a dream. Sound healing is like nothing I have experienced before, and Simone is a natural. My energy levels have soared, and I've been able to let go of a lot of things that weren’t serving me. I couldn't be more grateful for Simone and her love and compassion." - N McNeil https://simoneniles.com/

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Voice-Led Sound Bath

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