What we're about

Have you left your evangelical or fundamentalist background? Would you like to have that community feeling again -- but without the judgment and narrow-mindedness this time? Does your family pressure you to re-join a church (or perhaps they have no idea you've even changed your beliefs at all)? Do you crave community with people who know what you're going through?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, we invite you to join our SUPPORTIVE, POSITIVE, SAFE, NURTURING, CARING, OPEN-MINDED, and LAID-BACK group!

Whether you (1) are still a believer, (2) no longer believe, or (3) are still figuring it out and just want a safe place to talk about it ... you are welcome in this group! The one thing we don't tolerate is people trying to "cure" us or preach to us. No pat answers. No gas-lighting. Just support. And real people.

Activities include eating, drinking, and hanging out!

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Our First Meetup: Shuffle the Heights!


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