What we're about

Just a bunch of Female Bikers that LOVE to ride, and want to have fun riding sober in recovery.

All that is required is a desire to live sober and enjoy the ride, wherever we decide to go.

Hi! I am Jackie, Jax, Jack....whichever you like to call me. I have been riding for about 4 years. I started out on a HD Sportster 883 Iron which I outgrew almost immediately. Her name was Patti after my late mother. I graduated to a 2016 Softail Deluxe and named her Puttana (Dirty Whore in Italian). That name came from my mother and auntie growing up....that was their nickname for each other. Puttana is my mother incarnate and I LOVE her! Oh...and I love to say the word FUCK a lot. :P LOL

I am a Sergeant in the AZ Army National Guard, and I also work for the AZARNG full time as a civilian contractor. I am a Trauma survivor, Adult Child of Alcoholics, Codependent, Recovering Alcoholic and Addict. But enough with labels.....this is just so you can get to know me a little better.

At the creation of this page and meetup group, I am 46 days sober. This was after a few months out, a year and a half sober, and a couple years of constant relapse prior to that. I first entered the 12 step program of AA willingly June 9, 2014. I am grateful to have learned a very important lesson. Without connection, I will die.

I am active in my recovery program now and I realized that I hardly ride my Harley anymore because I don’t have any sober friends who ride. I love my normi friends, but I want my rides to be filled with inspiration and sober fun. I want to feel safe and secure that every ride, and every connection will be meaningful between like-minded souls. I don’t want to experience that feeling of “the oddball out” because everyone else is getting shit faced and I’m just in my head trying to remind myself I am still okay, still worth something, and still have purpose.

I have looked around for sober biker groups, and they are either men only, or MC types. I just want to get a bunch of crazy bitches together to go have fun on rides. Short, long, weekend, out-of-state.....whatever. Let the Universe be our guide.

I have a supportive NORMI husband, a super awesome 17 yr old bonus sun, and three psycho chihuahuas. I love volunteering at Equine Spirit Programs in Queen Creek, AZ. They do equine therapy programs for veterans and their families for FREE. I have been going back for almost two years now and I am in love with one of their horses named Rosie.

I love kayaking, jet skiing, hiking, yoga, fitness, and I really want to go camping dammit! I have a list of things I would love to get to do in my sobriety and I hope you will join me and SPREAD THE WORD to get this little idea of mine going.

Let’s go on a life adventure!

~Jackie :) <3

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