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1) Are you looking to get in front of other people who are building applications across a variety of deployment targets leveraging the latest build technologies?

2) Are you working on projects that you feel would be of great interest to other technical professionals and want to show them off?

3) OK, let's cut to the chase. Do you enjoy being in front of people and talking about all the cool and innovative things you are doing?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, you could be a Red Hat Connector.

What is a Red Hat Connector? Red Hat is looking for individuals from software and hardware companies who are interested in leading a discussion on a quarterly basis around various topics including containers, security, DevOps, and other compelling technologies that are changing the industry.

Benefits to all Red Hat Connectors include:

• Full registration list if presenting at a Meetup

• Promotion in the Red Hat Connect monthly newsletter targeting software and hardware companies worldwide

• Full event support from Red Hat including food and beverage vouchers, content, and giveaways

• Opportunity to submit a guest blog on the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners' website

• Opportunity to present on monthly online Meetups

• Your very own cool items from Red Hat including a collectors-edition, Red Hat varsity jacket / jacket pins / Connector stickers / certificates / and more

If you are interested in becoming a Red Hat Connector, please email connect-marketing@redhat.com for more information.

Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners (https://connect.redhat.com/) Meetups are designed for ISVs, IHVs, integrators, consulting and hosting companies looking to come together on a regular basis to exchange ideas, develop a closer alignment with Red Hat and other companies in the ecosystem through collaboration.

Topics can include:

- Architecting applications for the cloud

- Building applications - The Red Hat Way

- Security considerations in a containerized world

- Techniques for "Build it once, Deploy anywhere" model

- Keeping up with The Joneses - accelerating you relevance in an ever-changing world

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