Gunlock Falls Spritz&Dip and Petroglyph Wash

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745 N Dixie Dr · St. George, UT

How to find us

We'll gather in middle of Albertson's parking lot just a SHORT stone's throw from McDonalds.

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The glorious Gunlock "Falls" are still spewing and driving lots of cool, refreshing water and it's lots of fun still. We'll trek over this area getting our feet wet, surveying the spots we may want to return to to dip in later, and taking photos. We'll descend into a wash downstream a little and begin our petroglyph hunt. In the process, there is extra credit bouldering, shady areas to rest, and alluring side explores.

Rating: MODERATE, with some scrambling and short climbs....I've charted out a 3.6 miler with 700 ft elevation gain/loss. This route promises to give us many perspectives and experiences both in the cooling falls and the colorful wash as well as topping some medium sized hills for 360 views. On our way back to the falls, you will want to get WET! There are pools to dip in with streaming water and plenty of dry slickrock to negotiate safely around. AND, you don't need to get wet at all, if you so choose.

Wear your BATHING SUIT under your hiking garb! Bring a small towel. Pack 2 liters of water and stock more water and beverages in the cooler in your car. Energy snacks, electrolytes, hiking sticks and camera as desired, and water sandals if you like. (I didn't need sandals recently just stepped carefully, there is also soft sand) COOLING neck scarf a BIG MUST! If you don't yet have one, get one at ACE HARDWARE for $7.99! ARTICLOTH Cooling Towel...O2COOL!

A bonus hike afterward down the road will be offered for viewing additional petroglyphs. Only a 1/8th miler.

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