Energyscapes - Windows Into Your World

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Join our host Lea Stabler for an Energyscapes workshop!

A picture is equivalent to a 1,000 words, what if it is more? What if it could be another way to connect with the divine and contain healing and communication with our guides?

A two hour session transforming your relationship with art of any form as well as finding a different way to channel your connection with the divine.

We will explore what is available beyond the five senses and how you can access it. Experience and expand your connection to your intuition and your creativity. Discover what it is like to make decisions and take action from your present experience. This will also be another way of connecting to the divine and channeling messages for your journey.

We will be painting tonight!!! Artistic talent is not required. The session will begin seated in a circle for discussion and meditation and end in the same. The hands-on portion will be in between composed of guided painting. Paint, brushes, palettes, and canvases will be provided.