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Raising Private Money Like a Boss From a 35 Deals a Month Boss
Learn how to raise private money like a boss from Dan Breslin who is averaging 35 deals a month! Are You a Real Estate Investor Looking for Private Money? Are You a Private Lender Looking to Place Money at Double Digit Returns? If so, this event is for you! Dan Breslin will be hosting an open Private Lender Q & A: -How to Have the "Private Money" Conversation -What Paperwork is Used When Funding a Deal (and How to get it) -How to Evaluate the Asset You're Lending on (How Private Lenders look at Your Deal) -Protecting the Lender-Special Insurance Instruction for Title & Property. -Difference Between Equity & Debt Partners (Need to know-whether you're lending or borrowing capital) Dan knows a thing or two about raising private money: Investors have committed more than $5 million to D.E.I. over the last 12 months which is currently being deployed throughout the U.S. in five major markets: Chicago, IL, Phila, PA, Atlanta, GA, and Tampa & Miami, FL. This event is for those seeking to raise private money & lend private money. About Dan Breslin Over the last year, Dan Breslin, founder of (D.E.I) Diamond Equity Investments, and host of the REI Diamonds Show ( has opened it's business to Private Lenders/Passive Investors wishing to participate in the real estate business WITHOUT the usual hassles involved (toilets, tenants, evictions, contractors, etc. Dan's opportunity for lenders is special because of the team and volume of deals available to fund. Diamond Equity closes an average of 35 deals per month-renovating & selling many, while just quickly selling many more. This allows lenders to get in and out of deals in record time. Savvy investors understand this "velocity of money"-the quick in/out/harvesting returns-is the power used by the fastest growing real estate fortunes throughout all of history. Interested in Receiving Emails with Private Mortgage Investment Opportunities? Go to Location: 2539 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL (Logan Square Auditorium) Date: Tuesday, December 4th Time: 6pm - 8pm Cost: $10.00

Logan Square Auditorium

2539 N. Kedzie Blvd. · Chicago, IL