What we're about

Our meetup organizes workshops, outings, encounters, and groups that support those of us that are living with Mental Health challenges, and also to those that care for them (family, caregivers, professionals).

The goal is not only to survive with our challenges, but to thrive, and rediscover the joy we once experienced, even if it was only as small children. That joyful kid is still living within us, and with the right support, it is possible to make them come back!

When we live with depression, anxiety, PTSD or other challenges, life is hard enough: isolation, difficulties with everyday life, reaching out, and more. This Meetup was created to make things even a little better, and hopefully support each other in the road to full recovery. Sharing resources, vulnerably being there for each other, and creating SAFE CONFIDENTIAL SPACES that will hold us when the Mental Health Systems let us down.

We, the founders personally recovered from a stream of diagnoses, and are training and work in the MH field, and want to freely share what we learned, and how we got here: to a place of happiness, and serenity in which we look forward to each day, and we strive to remain loving and connected with those around us.

- Support workshops
- Share and self-help circles
-Cooking to beat depression
-Moving out of isolation
-Intimacy and Sexuality

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