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Redlands Ladies Bunco -Dress up for halloween if you dare!
LADIES - PLEASE join us for fun, food, friends and laughs and most of all WIN SOME MONEY $$$$. Look forward to seeing you. We start promptly at 10:50 am. I will provide the snacks for bunco meetup, except when we have potlucks, which will be periodicly throughout the year or when someone else hosts. This will allow for more game time and less cleanup. Of course any $$ donation towards the snacks will be appreciated. Be sure to bring your $11 cash - ($10 for playing and $1 goes towards the snacks and beverages). There is a $5.00 dues fee for EVERYONE who joins , this is to cover my meetup site cost. This is DUE JANUARY & JULY 2019 or the month you join. Always be curtious, if you cant make it and have RSVPd, please change it to NO. Changing your RSVP the day of BUNCO is the same as a no show. This can affect your membership. I am not able accommodate someone with CRUTCHES, WALKER OR WHEEL CHAIR. This is for everyones safety. Thank you

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We start at 10:30 am. Every first Thursday of the month in east Redlands. This is for women only, age 18 and up. I will provide snacks and refreshments. Periodically in the year we will have pot lucks where every one brings food. We end close to 1:30 or 2:00 pm, you still have the opportunity to win even if you have to leave early.

The buy in is $11 which goes into the money pot for the winners (10 for Bunco and $1 towards the snacks). Bi yearly dues of $5 will be collected January and July. You will be asked to pay at your first Bunco game if your new. This helps to pay for my fee for the Meetup site.

To ensure safety for everyone, I AM NOT ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE WHEEL CHAIRS, CRUTCHES OR WALKERS. For members if you are injured or have surgery you will be able to COME BACK ONLY IF you have no further need for Wheel chair, crutches or walkers.

If you haven't played before, its easy to learn and you will have so much fun. The policy is as follows: If you RSVP and no show you can only no show 3 times before you will be removed from the site. If you cancel your RSVP on the day of the BUNCO meetup, this is considered the same as a no show. We normally play with 12 ladies BUT we can play with less because we love to play.

You can RSVP and include 1 or more guests. Keep in mind you must rsvp AND CHOSE # OF GUESTS for them to play. The 2nd time a guest has come they will then have to sign up on the site and rsvp for future games and pay the dues.

Waiting list is set up on this site. There are always times when someone is not able to come. So dont be discouraged if you RSVP and you are put on the waiting list.

I started this BUNCO meetup up so we can all make friends, socialize and play games eat and have fun.

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