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Can An Energy Coach Help You ?

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We are energetic beings living within an infinite field of potential. However, within this field we may still experience fear, lack and limitation due to blocks in our own energy field. There are many things that may cause us to have an energetic block; issues of abandonment, lack of a loving support system and encouragement while growing up, physical or emotional trauma, etc.

Energy Coaching is an interactive process that focuses on releasing the energetic blocks of lack, fear and limitation that keep you from experiencing personal and energetic transformation. Energy Coaching helps you to get re-focused on what is important to you in regard to your spiritual and personal life. Once the spiritual life is aligned, clarity on the rest of your life comes into focus. Join us for this Energy Coaching presentation where the focus will be on clearing limiting beliefs around receiving, understanding, and acting on Divine Guidance.

Deanna Leigh Joseph is an interfaith minister, certified Law of Attraction and Energy Coach, Hypnotherapist, Dreamworker, and Intuitive Counselor. She is the founder of the Bright Star New Thought Spiritual Group in Redlands, CA, and has been involved in the field of metaphysics since the mid-1980s. Deanna began working in the field of Energy Medicine in 1994, and is certified in over a dozen energy healing modalities. She has come to believe that no matter what energy therapy you choose, the most important part of any healing process is the inner alignment with Source.

It is from this perspective that Deanna does her energy coaching, because when aligned with the Source within, no answer can remain hidden, and no problem remains unsolvable. With an open mind, and the enthusiasm to venture out of the comfort zone and into the realms of the unknown, the brightest version of the Self will be found.