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So many activities and groups are in Bend. Let's try not to drive so far and get to know our local area! However, to make any group successful, we need participation! So look at our events and past events and see if these are things you want to be a part of! This is a social group, that also has a great balance of solid friendships to go along with it. We are always looking for new things to do and love open participation. So if you want to add an event, host an event or suggest an event, you are welcome to do so! The average age is between 45-70, but we all act young. This is a fun social group of ladies, but on many occassion, we include men/spouses/friends etc. There are many of us that want our husbands/male friends to get to know others as well to form couple friendships. NO DIRECT BUSINESS SOLICITATIONS! There is also a networking aspect that happens once a month. So know if you are attending this event also know others are business oriented. Also, friends are encouraged to meet outside the group. We know with a group this size you will not like everyone equally, or may want to do other activities! But if you have a direct problem with any one person, or mean things are being shared, please let an organizer know. We are here to protect the group and we want positive and uplifting things to denote our friendships!

Being part of a group also takes respect. Respect the people who are attending an event and those who have put it on. If you are not able to attend, please cancel your RSVP at least 24 hours in advance! Emergencies happen, but no one wants to plan an event and 7 people signed up and none show up! It happens! So if for any reason you signed up for an event and do not show up, or change your RSVP 2 hours ahead of time (we are not asking for much time ladies), after 3 no shows, you will be inactive for 1 month from the group.

We look forward to getting this group going and meeting new friends and doing a variety of activities! There is a 90 day trial period to see if this group fits your needs. We want people to be involved, not sit on the sidelines. So if you pay your dues, and do not participate in the year's time, you will be taken off of the membership to let others participate. We are not liable for any of the activities that are posted. We are simply adding an event you may attend and you are welcome to participate at your own risk. The same applies for people that host at their homes. They are not liable for your actions, you are. Have fun and let's enjoy ourselves!

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Martini Monday. DATE CHANGE

Juniper Golf Course


Gale Blanchard’s Place

Reminder: please cancel within 48 hours to allow those on the waitlist some notice. Thanks! May host is Gale Blanchard We have a Bunco Group!! Yah! Come at 5:30 to eat and visit. Bunco starts at 6:15! We need 12 players or we can't play. It is easy to learn. Bring friends, and we want to get 12 core ladies who won't always play, but want to! Then we will have subs that want to play and will probably get to play as often as they want. Bring an appetizer or dessert to share, and if you want some type of special drink. Whoever hosts has drinks and paper goods! There is a $5 buy in and if you win you go home with cash! So easy, no previous Bunco experience necessary. This is a commitment! If you can't come you have to cancel so someone on the waiting list can sign up. This won't work without a strong attendance ethic. • What to bring Appetizer or dessert to share. BYOB. • CALL/TEXT: Joni Powell:[masked] if you cancel late or for problems. New Rules by Joni (endorsed by all): Respect every ones time! Cancel within 2 hours if you can't make it UNDER YOUR NAME! Don't just put it in the comment line, that does not count! It does not open it to the waitlist. The new RSVP cancellation notice is going into effect. 3 no shows without cancelling will get you a 3 month time out from the group. Thank you for understanding the need for this!

Walk and lunch

Silver Leaf Cafe @ Eagle Crest

Nice easy walk for about 30 minutes and then lunch. If you wish to skip walk, meet at cafe[masked]

Happy Hour

Baldy's BBQ

Hopefully, we can sit outside.

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Sister's Walk and Lunch

Bimbap Asian

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