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On the last day of his life, Satché (played by American poet and performer Saul Williams) goes on an epic journey through his town, visiting loved ones and experiencing all the deceptively small moments that encompass the sadness and joy of mortal life.

Through mysterious means never fully explained, a healthy young man named Satché has been made aware that death will be coming for him the following day. Rather than become indulgent or depressed, Satché spends the day visiting friends and family, as members of his community bless and gift him along the way. Experiencing everything from a description of the embalming process from his uncle to watching his children play outdoors, our hero calmly absorbs the complex web of moments that made up his life. A deeply moving tribute to living in the present, Tey may be a film about death, but one that sees it as the final celebration of life. In fact, writer/director Alain Gomis is so dedicated to the present that he never gives us much of a glimpse into Satché’s past, or the circumstances of his impending demise; the moment of death itself, and the knowledge that every human being on earth will experience it, matters more than his personal history.

In competition for the Narrative Feature Award.