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The original and the best Sunday Social Football in Regents park!

We are a casual football group playing every Sunday, with an emphasis on a friendly, energetic game that welcomes all levels of skill and fitness. We have been playing for over a decade and in that time have fostered a great and supportive group who regularly go down to the pub after the games to watch whatever match is showing, as well as outside of the game as well. If you're looking for something aggressive or very competitive, this game might not be for you, but if you're up for a good-natured game with mixed ability levels then come say hello.

We bring all our own kit including goals, cones and bibs. There is no weekly cost, but there are occasional times we will ask for donations for on going replacement and cleaning of equipment.

As with any large mixed group we must have some ground rules to keep everything fair and ticking over well:

Please bring the right footwear for the day and we also recommend wearing shin pads. Please bring a change of shirt in case it clashes with either yellow/orange bibs. In wet conditions it is wise to bring a bin bag or large plastic bag to cover your kit bag and keep it dry.

• Each week, players must opt in to say if they are playing on Sunday, following the weekly email. No response means you are not playing.

• If we do not have enough players who Opt In, Football will be cancelled and people notified on during the week.

• Please opt in at the earliest possible time you are sure you will play. Only withdraw your opt in for a genuine emergency. Regular withdrawals will result in being removed from the group.

• We play fairly and respect the fact that not everyone has the same ability.

• The game shall remain fun and not too competitive.

• People who do not play with a good spirit will be asked to leave.

• Unwarranted coaching to other players is not acceptable.

• Everyone takes a turn in goal. We agree on keeper order at the start of the game and rotate around 7 minutes.

• We do not play offside, but persistent goal hanging is not allowed.

• If someone kicks a ball to hand we play on. We don’t want to stop for accidental handballs.

• We don’t play the back pass rule, so the keeper can pick it up.

• Do not obstruct the keeper in anyway such as corners, smaller games often have areas attackers can't go into. We don't so, let the keeper move.

• The game will be 2 halves of 45 minutes.

• No Rush Keepers

• Everyone will help set up and also pack away the pitch and goals.

• People who arrive late are not guaranteed to play.

• People who are persistently late will be asked to leave the group.

• If you want a plus one as a one off send a request email and we'll let you know.

• If your plus one wants to play more regularly they will need to sign up

• Remember the game is free and a fair amount of time and effort goes into organising so be a positive part of the group.

• The organisers decision is final.

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