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Learning more about the law of attraction and how to apply it to our lives to improve our circumstances. Each person has a different concept of success which changes as life changes the person. Sometimes it is good to be in the company of others who are willing to express how they use this basic but universal law. There is no right way or wrong way...no magic book, no guru - just practice.

Thank you for being interested in this meet up and continuing your membership. Our founder, Bob is no longer able to be as active in coordinating meetings and participating. He was able to attract a move to Florida and is very happy. We wish him much joy.

We do not have a regular meeting space any more and I will be working on finding a suitable location for us to gather. Any suggestions are welcome.

Please keep an eye out for our next meeting.

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Needs a location

I have scouted and found a place to meet that costs $25 a week, I have another that I need to check out. If you can not pony up a few bucks to help with meeting space costs, please do not attend. There are no free lunches in life. Also, there is a former member, a sexual predator, who has been banned and if he attempts to attend a meeting, I will have him physically removed by the police.

Poll for Dates and Times - What works, please let me know.

The meet ups will be at the Lewes Senior Center, there is plenty of parking. If you would like to attend, please give me an idea of what works. Also, I can not remove people from the group. If you wish to stop receiving messages, please check out how to do it yourself. I am happy that some members are no longer interest, it means they have self entitlement issues. Thank you

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