What we're about

How do you want to feel today? Who do you want to be tomorrow?

Discover the secrets of living your best life in gratitude, presence, and harmony. Allow love and creativity to flow through you with ease and abundance. Nourish your body, mind, and soul to feel light and healthy. Learn how the Holistic Yoga Path can get you there. In the process, we can help heal the world in desperate need of positive vibrations.

Whether or not you have experienced Yoga, Chakras, or Energy Healing before, an open mind is all it takes to get started on your path to growth, connection, and wellness...

We are a growing community, focused on small gatherings with authentic experiences and personal connections. Some of our unique, interactive, and transformative events include:

- Reiki Circles

- Yoga Classes

- Kirtan Chanting

- Crystal Healing

- Philosophy Talks

- Tantra Pujas

- Moon Ceremonies

- Rasta Rituals

- Mindfulness Meditation

- and more...

Events will be primarily donation based, and mostly located on the Westside. We'll also invite guest teachers and speakers to share their wisdom and secrets. Join us!

Upcoming events (2)

Sensory Deprivation - Natural Hallucination

Playa del Rey

Let's trip out together (without drugs)! We're aiming to replicate a sensory deprivation experience called the Ganzfeld Effect. After just 15 minutes in state, you should start to experience visual and auditory hallucinations, similar to some mind-altering substances, but with no risk or harmful side effects. This little experiment will be guided by Yogi TJ in a safe, comfortable environment. We'll begin with a meditation to quiet your mind. Then a relaxation practice to calm your body. Then the fun begins, when we withdraw into the deprivation of sight and hearing, and allow our brains to fill the space. Finally, we'll integrate and discuss our experiences in a closing circle. Cost: FREE (Donations Welcome)

Crystal Reiki Circle - Crown Chakra

Playa del Rey

* No Prior Experience Needed. Each Gathering Is Unique. * CROWN CHAKRA :: Sahasrara Join us for a deeper look into the life force that flows within and without, as we begin to explore, balance, and tap into the highest energy center of the body: the Crown Chakra. Here's a rough agenda: 6:00 Greeting and Opening circle 6:10 Philosophical and practical talk about the Crown Chakra 6:30 Hand out energy crystals and discuss their properties 6:40 Guided Crown Chakra meditation 6:50 Group Reiki demo for everyone to experience their own life force energy 7:00 Reiki Attunement and Bodywork for one or two volunteers (group participation optional) 7:30 Closing circle and Q&A IN GRATITUDE for your love exchange, those who donate will receive a gift to take home: one large beautiful Crystal of choice, specifically selected and attuned to the Crown Chakra and charged with healing energy. Suggested Minimum Donation $20. + You may bring your own crystals or sacred items + Optional to bring Vegan food or drink to share Venmo @TJAntone in advance to reserve your spot and your crystal gift. Reach out at[masked] for questions or private sessions.

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Crystal Reiki Circle - Third Eye Chakra

Playa del Rey

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