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To simplify my Meetup groups I am merging this group into the Meetup group “Metaphysical Study and Support Group”. Please join this group. You can find it by searching within Meetup or by going to this address: https://www.meetup.com/metastudy

At the https://www.meetup.com/metastudy group, you'll find monthly Meetups on Reiki Shares, Reiki teleconferences, and Metaphysical discussions.




Our Reiki community was created to help each member reach their true potential through the exchanging of knowledge and Reiki treatments.

Purpose: Our group's mission is to provide a safe healing space for anyone interested in healing themselves or loved ones. The group encourages continued growth as Reiki practitioners by including the use of crystals, light, color, and sound therapy with Reiki. The group has events focused exclusively on Reiki and Karuna Reiki® at different locations. We are also planning Reiki Masters only events to discuss issues that directly relate to teaching standards, and running a Reiki business/school. We are also planning events for other modalities. So, join us on our journey to spread love, peace and healing in our Reiki community!

Past events (318)

Reiki I class teaching to International Standards

1115 E Main St #66

NEWSLETTER SPRING 2020 classes and Support Groups

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Happy Thanksgiving

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