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Are you ready for your spiritual journey and healing? Thinking of Reiki Energy Healing?

My name is Pamela Jackson and I am a Reiki Master and my healing and spiritual journey began as I stepped into Reiki. Everything began to change for me, my life, my spirit and my wellbeing. I even began to understand myself, my feelings and emotions. I found my community of like minded people!

My reiki classes are 5 hours and we will supply bottled water and snacks for our breaks. You will receive 2 attunements at each level to put you complete alignment with the Reiki energy. We will begin to hold other reiki events and shares in the coming weeks and months.

I have practiced and taught Reiki since 2012 and I am so excited to offer my comfortable office in Carrollton for our meetups.

We will meetup at my comfortable business; Integrated Energy Works LLC at 2121 N Josey Ln. Ste 204, Carrollton, TX 75006. Please be advised that we have stairs and no elevator.

I look forward to meeting, learning and growing with each of you and I am honored to offer and teach Reiki. Namaste.

Mystic Pam Jackson.

Upcoming events (4)

Reiki Share

Integrated Energy Works LLC


The Reiki Group Share provides a gathering of Reiki Practitioners and Masters for the purpose of sharing Reiki healing energy. After a guided meditation we will share Reiki mini sessions. The more we practice channeling Reiki energy, the more profound our experiences with it becomes. Love offering $20 is suggested but not required for the support of our amazing healing center; snacks and bottled water will be provided. #mysticpamjackson #ReikiEnegyHealing

Reiki Level 1

Integrated Energy Works LLC


Welcome to Reiki and congratulations for taking a step that is going to lead to many positive changes in your life. Reiki Level 1 includes 2 Attunements, Manual, a Certification for Framing and a Reiki Gift from Mystic Pam Jackson. No Prerequisite to attend, all are invited. Fee:$197, Please RSVP so we are aware of your intent to attend this event. This class you will gain practical experience along with attunements on the first degree of Reiki. This attunement opens the crown, heart and palm chakras. Reiki attunements are powerful and spiritual experience. It is advised to prepare for Reiki Attunements by eating fresh and clean the week leading up to the event. Spending time in meditation or prayer is also helpful. You will be attuned to the Universal Life Force Energy through Reiki Energy Attunements, which is done by Pamela Jackson a Reiki Master. Once you receive this attunement you can do reiki on yourself and family and friends. We will take breaks during the class and we offer a small refrigerator, bottled water and snacks. #mysticpamjackson

Reiki Level 2

Integrated Energy Works LLC


In this Reiki Level 2 class you will receive 2-Reiki Level 2 Attunements, Manual, a Certification for Framing and a Reiki Gift from Mystic Pam Jackson. Fee: $215, RSVP with $15 deposit and balance due on the first day of class. Reiki Level 2 you are taking a giant step towards understanding and becoming fully attuned to Reiki. This is the practitioner level! If you have mastered and completely level 1 you may be ready to be attuned to the next level of Reiki. The two symbols of level 2 are "Sei Hei Ki" for emotional healing and "Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen" to transcend time and space. At this level you will be able to give a full reiki session in half the time. A process of purification is requested before you have your attunement. In order to improve your results in the attunement process it is suggested that you eat clean and organic. No meats, sugars or alcohol. Cut back on smoking and caffeine Drink a lot of water! We will take breaks during the class and we offer a small refrigerator, bottled water and snacks. #mysticpamjackson

Reiki Level 3

Integrated Energy Works LLC


Reiki Level 3 is the Master Level and at this level you will greatly enhance your healing ability and experience higher energy vibrations when healing oneself and others. Fee $350, please RSVP with a $50 deposit for your intention of attending this event. You will receive 2 master symbols attunements, manual and certification for framing. It is advised to go through a process of purification before your attunement process by eating fresh and clean, being mindful of our thoughts. Usually you would be given the master degree after time spent practicing Reiki at the second degree but the time factor is not important as we are all on our own spiritual journey, we are just connecting as we grow. More importantly you can now train other students up through the initiation sequences. You should continue to practice and master all the Reiki healing symbols, these are your tools. Reiki is not a substitute for treatment prescribed by a doctor. Reiki complements the healing process. Mystic Pam Jackson is a Reiki Master, Spiritual coach and Master Energy Healer. She is also a Thetahealer Instructor and Access Bars Facilitator.

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