Chakra and Aura Reading Workshop

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Have you ever wanted to develop or enhance your ability to read energy?

Are you a healer or psychic looking for new ways to tune into the soul of an individual with whom you're working?

Are you an empath looking for tools to distinguish between your energy and another's?

In this class we will learn how to tune into the energy field of another individual both in person and at a distance to read their soul and help to understand them better. This class can take your readings deeper, your understanding of your own abilities further, heighten your awareness of energy, and how to help heal yourself or others with this knowing.

We will be going over how to read and understand energy, specifically in the Chakras and the Auric Field. There won't be time however to teach you in depth about the Chakras and the Auric Field (we will save that for another class). So while this class is open for all levels of spiritual development some prior knowledge of the energy system is helpful.

We will be doing psychic readings and exercises specifically tailored to see, feel, hear and/or know what is going on in the energy system.

About your Teacher, Psychic & Medium Jules Davis:

Jules is a professional Psychic and Medium, Reiki Master, Crystal and Sound Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Owner of Auralux. She has trained with some of the most highly regarded teachers in all of her specialized fields. In Psychic and Mediumship she has extensively trained in the US and in England at the highly esteemed Arthur Findlay College. Jules’ Psychic and Mediumship abilities have been evident since she was a very young child. Jules’ teaching style is from a place of compassion, patience, and a love for healing.

Jules' work has been featured on E!, Buzzfeed, SuperDeluxe, LATV, and more. You can find Jules regularly serving Spirit as a Medium at the monthly Sunday Service at Colby Rebel Spirit Center and doing other Demonstrations for large and small groups around the LA area.

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