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Come join us for an afternoon of calmness, deep relaxation and healing..
Join us to feel the calmness of your spiritual Heart and to experience Reiki Tummo. You will learn how to connect to your spiritual heart through Open Heart Meditation and receive a group Reiki Tummo healing. There is a charge of $10 to meet the expenses of organizing the Meetup. We do ask that you RSVP since space is limited. Please be considerate and only RSVP when you are certain that you can make it. As space is limited, no last-minute cancellation please, otherwise you will prevent other people from attending and benefiting from this event. Thank you for your kind consideration :) BENEFITS OF REIKI TUMMO: Cleanses the body, chakras & energy channels Heals physical, mental, emotional & other non-physical problems Increases your energy Raises your awareness You can also download Open Heart Meditation from iTunes here: More information about Reiki Tummo So come join us for a very relaxing afternoon and bring your smile :) PLEASE UPDATE YOUR RSVP AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO MAKE IT, updating even 10 minutes before the Meetup makes a difference. I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH.

Shephali Srivastava

10922 Worthington Lane · Prospect, ky

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This group is open to everyone who would like to experience and learn Open Heart Meditation and Reiki TUMMO.

This group was started with the intention of helping people get access to free meditation instructions and a short session of group Reiki healing. There is a small charge of $5 to keep the Meetup going. We are dedicated to sharing and providing a space where others may come to share and learn more about Spiritual Heart, Reiki TUMMO, and Kundalini. We also offer a series of amazing day-long Open Heart Meditation workshops and Reiki TUMMO workshops for those interested in progressing more on spiritual path.

Our spiritual Heart, not the blood pumping physical heart, which is the key to deep calmness, inner peace, happiness and spiritual growth, is the foundation of Open Heart Meditation and Reiki TUMMO. In our spiritual heart resides our true self which is connected to True Source (the source of our True Self, you can call by any name you want, God, Divine Father etc.). We can connect to the True Source only when our heart is open. Our connection to True Source brings unconditional true joy. The negativities incurred in daily activities like sadness, anger, jealousy etc. make our heart dirty and closes it therefore it's essential to open our heart so that we can connect to the True Source which is the source of true happiness.

Reiki Tummo offers an energy system that incorporates learning about our spiritual hearts and energy bodies while healing physical, mental, emotional and other non-physical parts of our being. Through a series of gentle steps and courses, Reiki Tummo prepares the foundations to support your continuing spiritual growth and development. So come along and be prepared to smile, relax, and experience the sweet feelings of Love radiating from within your Heart. Reiki treatments help balance chakras and energies in your body which will give you an overall feeling of wellness. Reiki, brings deep relaxation, improves sleep, relieves pain, eases tension, accelerates wound healing, energizes physically and mentally, helps manage chronic pain, helps detoxify body, removes energy blockages, improves concentration and mental clarity. We generally have meditations every week and Healing Clinics ($25 for a 15 minute session, $50 for an hour session) are by appointment only. Clinics are open to all who are interested in receiving healing energy.

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