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The beautiful treasures from Mother Earth are powerful allies that bring blessings to our healing: Crystals, Gemstones, Fossilized Shells and Plants, Rocks… all of them contain precious gifts to share with us.

I’m excited to announce that the Crystal Healer Certification course is now open for registration!

Learn how to use beautiful Healing Crystals to perform Crystal Healing therapy!

In this three month course you will learn techniques that I learned from my teachers from Spain, Australia, and Los Angeles, as well as from my own research and practice, and through direct revelation.

Learn the properties of Crystals, Gemstones, Fossilized Shells and Plants, and Rocks and how they can bring the healing force of the 4 Elements Learn a Scientific approach on Minerals and Gems Learn how to connect with Devas (Nature Spirits) to aid you in your Crystal Healing In depth learning of Chakras, Aura Layers, and Energetic Systems Learn how to create a Crystal Grid Learn how to perform Chakra balancing and Aura cleansing with Crystals Learn how to perform Crystal protection shields Learn how to construct powerful Crystal Healing layouts for specific issues Learn how to incorporate Chromotherapy and Aromatherapy Give and receive sessions so that you can feel confident with your ability Learn how to combine Crystal Healing sessions with any other Healing style Receive Crystal Healing Attunements This is a 3-Month Course.

This course consists of four full day classes, from 10am to 5pm approximately. Between classes you will have some assignments that will prepare you for your professional Crystal Healing practice and help you feel confident with this Healing Therapy. You will receive Certification after completion of the full course.


Tuition options:

* Early Bird Sliding Donation $350-450 ……………….

* In Full Sliding Donation $400-450 …....……………….

* 4 Installments Sliding donation $110-150 .…………

SPACE LIMITED. Early Bird ends in June 15th!

Contact me at http://www.REIKIwellbeing.ORG/contact or at (213) 632-9707 (text/call) for further details. Not in California? Contact me ( for the upcoming online certification!