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Please RSVP (required) for either Session 1 or 2 to receive a personal 30 minute Reiki Tummo healing at our Sunday Healing Clinic. Suggested donation is sliding scale from $20 to $40 dollars, or whatever you feel comfortable giving, but donation is not required for those who cannot afford it. Those receiving a healing are welcome to join in the Open Heart Meditation which will follow the Healing Clinic .

Smiles to your Heart :)

What is Reiki TUMMO
Reiki TUMMO deals with both Reiki (universal energy) and TUMMO (Kundalini energy). Reiki TUMMO is practiced by thousands of people around the world. It is a safe and natural way to promote health and well being by restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit. For more information:

Who should attend?
Anyone who feels like they could benefit from deep relaxation. The sessions are especially helpful if you are experiencing:

* Stress
* Anxiety
* Physical Illness
* Insomnia
* Sadness
* Muscle Injuries

* Addictions
* Emotional Turmoil
* Anger
* Depression

What to expect?
Reiki TUMMO works by stimulating the flow of vital energy within and around your body. This helps to recharge and rebalance the flow of subtle energies, relieving the effect of stress while activating the body's ability to heal itself. At the clinic we offer group healing treatment where a number of trained Reiki Tummo healers will work together to channel Reiki Tummo healing energy from tlheir hands to the client who is relaxing on a massage table. Sessions range between 20-30min in duration.

Reiki Tummo treatments affect each person differently. Most feel deeply relaxed and energized with a better sense of well-being. Although every person's experience is unique, you can also read some client feedback (below) to get an idea of the possibilities.


4pm - 5:30pm: Healing Sessions
5:30 -6:00pm : Open Heart Meditation

Appointments are REQUIRED for healing sessions:
Please RSVP to this event for Session 1 (for Session 2 and meditation RSVP to the other events on the calendar)

By donation. Suggested donation is sliding scale from $20 to $40 dollars, or whatever you feel comfortable giving.

Client Feedback:

* "I instantly felt relaxed. I felt like I sunk into my body, then floated on a leaf while i fell asleep"

* "I felt relaxed to the point of not feeling my physical body"

* "I came into the healing session with a migraine headache and now I don't have one!!!! I feel energized physically and emotionally and able to continue the rest of my day with a more loving attitude towards myself and others"

* "I am learning to love myself on a level, I was unaware of. I feel so good about my experience. I feel as though the concerns and stress that I walked in with has left. My body and spirit feel renewed."