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If you are looking for a comfortable place with wonderful energy to share and receive Reiki this may be the place for you. If you are a beginner we understand that it takes time and practice to cultivate Reiki Energy and support to maintain your confidence. Reiki shares will be scheduled consistently to help you in this support. Higher levels are most welcome. We can do great work for world energy together and this starts with teaching others.

We welcome all Light Workers, Energy Healers, and anyone who wants to receive Reiki healing or who is a Reiki Practitioner of any level. All Reiki Modalities are welcome.

We will offer discussions of techniques and practices, meditation, healing circles, intentions, distant healing, and crystal healing.

Join us for love and light at the heart level.

Upcoming events (4+)

Reiki Share with Essential Oils

Susanne's house

Discover the power of essential oils! We will have a brief introduction to essential oils and then each person can pick an oil for their session. I have found essential oils to be very helpful in moving stuck energy and supporting overall healing.

Our reiki shares are for those attuned to reiki as well as those who are curious about this powerful healing modality. Reiki is an ancient hands on healing modality that supports the person's internal healing capacity. Reiki shares are especially wonderful as we work in groups and the collective energy is palpable.

This is a free event though donations are very much appreciated. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a private message.

Reiki Practitioner Share & Passing attunements

Susanne's house

Calling all reiki practitioners! Let's get together and share some great reiki energy. We will also be reviewing how to pass attunements with some additional symbols. Please come if you are attuned to any level of Reiki. Even if it has been awhile since you practiced reiki, this is the perfect place to reacquaint yourself with the benefits of being in a setting with multiple practitioners. If you have not been attuned to reiki yet, please sign up for the open reiki share instead. This is a free event, but donations are gladly accepted and greatly appreciated. Hope to see you all there!

Flash treatment class

Susanne's house


Flash is an energetic technique to help your clients with releasing traumatic events. I have used this technique very successfully in my craniosacral practice to helps clients with PTSD, anxiety disorders, and whenever a person feels stuck in a particular area.

The science behind this technique is similar to EMDR. The result of using Flash is that the memory is moved from the active part of the brain to the story part of the brain. In other words, the person still remembers the event, but the emotional charge has been removed so that it is now just a story from their past.

This is an easy technique, but requires some experience in working with a person's energy. This class is, therefore, only for those individuals that have attunement to reiki or other energy healing modalities.

The energy exchange for the class is $25. If you can't afford the investment, please message me.

Reiki Level I & II

Sunrise Craniosacral


Reiki is a wonderful modality for self-care as well as working on others. This workshop is open to anyone interested in the healing potential of Reiki. Reiki is an excellent way to increase your energy, clear emotional baggage, and maintain health.

The class will be offered over 3 consecutive Thursday nights in June from 6:00-8:30 pm. Dates are 6/2, 6/9, and 6/16.

Tuition for instruction and attunements is $250. A deposit of $50 is requested to hold your spot in the class (refundable up to 4 days prior to class).

This class is limited to 4 participants. The small setting allows for individual attention and participation. Please message me if you are interested in this class, but the dates do not work for you. I am happy to set dates for individuals or groups. Private one-on-one instruction is $300.

Reiki was founded in Japan by Dr. Miako Usui and is what we will follow in teachings of this healing system. Reiki is the combination of two Japanese words. Rei means “a higher power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. Reiki treats the whole person including body, mind, emotions and spirit. When our life force energy is low we are more likely to get sick or feel stress. Reiki is simple and natural and anyone can use it. It is administered by laying on hands. Reiki feels like a wonderful glow that flows through you and around you.

Reiki is spiritual in nature but is not a religion. There is no dogma and there is nothing you must believe in order to use Reiki. Each experience is as individual as the person’s relationship with God. It is recommended to practice simple ethical ideals to promote peace and harmony.

It is simple to learn and the technique is transferred by way of an attunement from a Reiki Master to the student during a Reiki class. The class is taught over three evenings and includes both 1 and 2 levels.

You will learn:

The Five Principles of Reiki

Hand positions for self and others with techniques as taught by Dr. Usui.

How to give a full body treatment

Receive 3 Reiki Symbols and how to use them

Implementing Reiki into your daily life

You will receive:

Full Attunements

Certification in the Usui Shiki Ryoho teachings


Course instructor: Susanne E. Sundquist, PhD, LMT, CST

Dr. Sundquist is a certified craniosacral therapist and reiki master with her own practice in Tempe, AZ. After more than a decade of being on her own healing path from heavy metal poisoning and multiple chemical sensitivity, Dr. Sundquist has a passion for helping others reach their maximum health physically, mentally, and spiritually. Prior to entering the healing arts, Dr. Sundquist was a chemistry professor for 18 years. With her science background, faith, and personal healing journey, Dr. Sundquist brings a unique perspective to energetic healing that she is eager to share with others.

Please contact Dr. Sundquist with any questions regarding the workshop. [masked] or [masked].

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