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Authentic Dating: Dating without an Agenda

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Everyone has an agenda: that internal list of things and criteria that they think that they want. On a date many people get lost in the quick sand of their thoughts: they're constantly assessing themselves and their date, obsessing about the past (a recent breakup, a busy workday), worrying about the future (do they like me? are they "relationship material"?), and generally being anything but present. All that thinking, scheming, and judging gets in the way of truly connecting, and that is where the real magic is!

Authentic Dating is the craft of being present and enjoying the moment. Throw out the rulebook! Let go of trying to 'get' anything! Every date is an opportunity to co-create a new experience together, to play. (Even a lack of chemistry can become a source of play!)

Join Michael McDonald of Relational Alchemy and Love and Relationship Coach Maya Diamond for this special 2.5 hour workshop where you will get to:

• Go on mini-dates and practice being present, embodied, and authentic,

• Explore your fantasies and expectations, and how they can be engaged to spice up the date instead of stalemating it,

• Explore your fears, doubts, and myths about what stops you from being your full self on a date,

• Get feedback, coaching, and help to break beliefs, habits, and patterns that might be getting you stuck.

Friday, November[masked]pm
doors at 7, starts at 7:15

Sacred Stream
2149 Byron St, Berkeley

$25 each
$20 each for a gender-balanced pair
This is a gender-balanced event, so RSVP!

Who this is for:
This workshop is for men and women who are single and/or dating. It doesn't matter what your relationship style is (monogamous, poly, energetic, etc.) but since we'll be pairing men and women it's intended for straight and bisexual orientations.


This is a *gender-balanced* event (meaning equal number of women to men). To reserve your spot you must RSVP and pay in advance (via PayPal):

Gender Balanced Pair: Register via PayPal (

Single Female: Register via PayPal (

Single Male: Register via PayPal (

If you are registering solo you will be gender-matched on a first-come first-served basis, and we will email you back to confirm your spot. If there isn't a match (i.e. we have too many men or too many women) either find a friend as a gender balance or you will not be able to attend--in which case we will of course give you a full refund. So register early!

We are so EXCITED to share this with you!

Michael McDonald, Relational Alchemy
Maya Diamond, MA Love and Relationship Coach

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