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Relationship Boot Camp: Re-calibrating Codependent Behavior

Do you worry that others won't like you, especially when you want to say "no." Ever feel like the focus of your relationship is about keeping your partner happy? Ever wondered if you could be codependent? People with codependent behaviors are some of the most independent people I know!

Relationship Boot Camp is an 6-week process group focused on learning about and changing non-productive behaviors related to codependency. Identifying what codependency is, how it impacts relationships, your own happiness, and how you can "re-calibrate" (change, check, or adjust by comparison with a standard) your behavior to empower you to say "no" when you need to and feel good about taking care of yourself, putting yourself first. Codependents think putting oneself first is selfish. In this workshop, we learn to substitute the word "selfish" for "smart." Putting yourself first is smart!

This is a 6-week, closed process group, and confidentiality is maintained. This is not an open group that allows "drop ins."

A one-time enrollment appointment is required to participate. The enrollment fee is $75.

The cost for each of the six classes is $30.

This workshop is offered several times through the year. To participate in our next Relationship Boot Camp, please contact: Andrea Keith LMFT CEAP

email: akeithmft@gmail.com

telephone: 949-650-2442


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Relationship Boot Camp: 1.0 Recalibrating Codependent Behavior, live, online, CA

Relationship Boot Camp: 1.0 Recalibrating Codependent Behavior
Enrolling Now. Enrollment is required to attend. Workshops are live and online. Commitment requested to attend all eight (8) meetings.

Enrollment fee: $75, Each session: $30 (8 sessions total)
In-network insurance is accepted.

Meeting dates: Thursdays TIme: 12p-1p
Sept 8, Sept 22, Oct 6, Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 17, Dec 1, Dec 8, 2022.

To enroll, contact:
Andrea Keith LMFT CEAP

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RBC 1.0: Recalibrating Codependent Behavior

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