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The Relaxational MeetUp has been created to provide Gong Meditations, Guided Imagery, Reiki, and many more Stress Reduction and Relaxation modalities for you to enjoy so you can be more well then ever before. Offering both free (donations at our events and on our MeetUp site are welcomed and appreciated) and paid events for your personal well-being and wellness. Our events will be held at various locations around the greater Los Angeles area for your convenience and ease of access. We look forward to you experiencing the practices we will explore and get to know the healing practitioners who will be providing deeply relaxing and health promoting events for you.

Upcoming events (2)

Relaxational - FREE Gongphoria Gong Music Meditation at Pasadena Central Library

Pasadena Public Library Wright Auditorium

Relieve stress and tension quickly and easily during the 45 minute live gong music performance by Gongphoria. Celestial sounds and harmonic tones of meditative gongs help your mind, thoughts, and emotions blissfully float into feelings of deep renewal, calm, and well-being. Soothing sensations and sonic vibrations of powerfully energetic soundwaves creates a musical micro-massage for whole-body healing and alignment.

Spring Equinox Sound Bath in Pasadena

Throop Unitarian Universalist Church

Join Mary Frances on singing bowls and Gongphoria on symphonic gongs for a tonal concert welcoming the Spring Equinox. Relax and receive resonate vibrations that will help balance your mind/body/spirit connections. Bring a yoga mat or cushion, blanket, and water to fully enjoy this amazing event. Doors open at 7:30 pm. The concert starts at 8 pm and will last until 9 pm. Our last event in Eagle Rock was close to sold out. Tickets purchased in advance online are $20. (link coming soon) Tickets at the door are $25.

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