What we're about

If you like books, we would be happy to see you! No need to be a big reader, or to only read "good" books (whatever those are) - this is a casual, fun group of people who want to chat about books they are reading.

Have something great you read? Tell us! Have a book we should avoid? Warn us!
Feel free to share nonfiction titles, Young Adult, Sci-Fi, literary fiction, and any other type of book you like to read!

We gather monthly, enjoying some food and beverages along with our book discussion.

Join us! Enjoy spending some time together!

To get a taste of what it's like to chat books with us, listen to our podcast Reading With Libraries (https://cmle.org/cmle-created-resources/reading-with-libraries/).

Upcoming events (4)

Crafters: Gather for work, sharing, chatting!

Great River Regional Library.

Join us for this session where you can bring your crafting work, get some projects underway (or done!), and chat with fellow crafters! Have a couple of uninterrupted hours to work on your crafting projects. We're fine if you bring dinner, or snacks, to enjoy while you work. (Obviously: please be careful with food and other people's projects.) Our agenda is, as it always is, relaxed. Start a new project, work on a years-long project (me!), or make some small things you can polish off in a short time. If you have holiday crafting work, we would love to see it - and may pepper you with questions! (This might be a good time to make a dent in any craft projects you are planning to gift over the holidays.) It doesn't matter if you are a very experienced crafter, or (like me) a novice stumbling through some potentially interesting things. This is just an opportunity to get away from distractions, and spend some craft-focused time. Nobody is being graded - we are just here to have a nice time together! We have a room at the Great River Regional Library in St Cloud, from 6:00pm to 8:00. We are in the Array room, Room 105. There will be tables with some space to spread out. (Again, obviously: everyone we be sharing space, so be considerate.)

Monthly Book Discussion and Dinner

509 W St Germain St

Join us this month at the Mexican Village Downtown! Bring a book (or five), or just bring yourself. We like to read books in all formats: paper, audio, e-books; any of them are fine to discuss. This is a casual environment, so feel free to drop in as your schedule permits.

Book Group Discussion!

Mexican Village Downtown

Join us for chatting about books - any books that you are enjoying! Bring a book, or just bring yourself. We'll enjoy dinner, sharing books, and getting to know each other!

Silent Reading Session

Great River Regional Library.

Did you set a New Year's resolution to read more books? Do you just like to read books - but you are always scrambling to make time? We get it. It's hard to find the time, and to get scheduled. But we have an answer for you! Join us, and groups around the country, to enjoy some silent reading! We aren't going to talk, we aren't going to analyze our book with others, we aren't going to share plot points. We are going just sit. And read. And enjoy ourselves! Here is the national website for Silent Book Club, so you can see some possibilities: https://silentbook.club/ Come in and out on your schedule. Bring dinner or snacks. Run into the library to get books, if you need them. (And return them when you are done!) Join us! Bring a book. And let's get ready to hang out in a lovely reading session! Future days and times can be discussed - we want to meet your reading needs. We will be at the public library in St. Cloud, in the Mississippi Community Room 106, from 6:00 to 8:00. Come in the front door, take a sharp right inside the door to the first meeting room.

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