• Sean's Ride - we're off to Moss Landing for lunch!

    Hey All, Sean had a great idea for a ride, so let's all thank him for this one! We'll meet at the Starbucks on Cherry and Almaden (by Bass Pro) for coffee, getting acquainted after the LONG, WET Winter and refresh our Safety Talk. Then we'll motor down to Moss Landing via Chitactac-Adams Heritage County Park (I know, I'd never heard of it either). On the way back we'll go through Corralitos and Soquel, then over the hill, maybe stopping briefly at Summit Store, then back to Starbucks where we started. Route map: https://goo.gl/maps/ZFaFaRDegP42 We're limiting slots on this ride so we don't overwhelm the restaurant, so if you sign up but then can't make it, please be sure to update that on this page so someone else can take the slot.

  • Relaxed Riding (maybe a *little* tense) at Metcalf

    Metcalf Motorcycle Park

    Calling all off-road riders -- let's get dirty! This is a ride for anyone who wants to take their bike off-road and brush up on dirt skills. Maybe we can teach each other a few skills (for my part, I could really use some help with hill-climbs, like that long one coming out of the bottom of trail #3). This ride is open to all, but I recommend less chrome and more clearance. The ride will depend on whether Metcalf is open that weekend (which in turn is dependent on weather).

  • Sunday Lunch in Carmel!

    Starbucks Coffee

    We haven't had a ride in a while and I'd like us to get (at least) one more in before the rains come (*if* they come). So let's ride to Carmel and enjoy lunch at Schooners (https://schoonersmonterey.com/). Please review the menu and bring cash as appropriate (if you just don't want to shell out $25 for lunch, just bring something and eat with us anyway). This will be a newby-friendly ride: https://goo.gl/maps/LYP8U2LmCj32 The route is approximate, and I'm open to suggestion as long as it stays newbie-friendly. If the 85 --> 17 section is not suitable for newbies, we'll make the adjustment during the meet and greet. Meet and greet at 9:00, mandatory safety talk at around 9:30-9:45. As always, depending on the size of the group we may need sweeps and corner-keepers so I'm looking for volunteers. Lastly, your Organizer is a strictly recreational fair-weather rider -- rain, or even a real threat of rain, will cancel!

  • Short and Sweet Sunday Ride. Bratwurst or Sauerkraut anyone?

    Skywood Trading Post

    Newbie friendly! Let's get together for a relaxed Sunday ride and some german food for lunch at the Tyrolean Inn. Let's meet at STP at 9:30, KSU 10. From STP we will work our way down through everything that is bumpy and goaty. Roads on the menu include: - Zayante - Granite Creek - San Jose Soquel and Summit Road - Jamison Creek and Empire Grade Please arrive with a full tank. The only gas stop will be in Boulder Creek. The entire route is around 90 miles and will take us about 3-3.5 hours. Bring water and a snack, it will be pretty warm. If you can bring cash, please do. Cash will be a lot easier to pay with than splitting a check between 10-15 cards.

  • Inaugural ride: Tour of the South Bay

    Starbucks Coffee

    Let's do an inaugural Relaxed Ride clockwise around the South Bay. https://goo.gl/maps/SYdGchr3csn (Note: the map shows the starting point as Burger Bar - Starbucks parking is *quite* limited and more parking is available at the Burger Bar immediately across the street). We'll meet at Starbucks in Saratoga at 9:00 for coffee, socializing and safety talk. KSU at about 9:30 (or so - this is a social function, not a military campaign), cruise to Big Basin Redwoods state park for a brief stop, down through Bonnydoon to the coast, then up to Pescadero for lunch at Duarte's Tavern (http://www.duartestavern.com/). After lunch we'll head up to Half Moon Bay where we'll take a break and loiter, then home on Skyline (with a detour through Alpine because I love Alpine). This will be an easy-peasy sight-seeing ride (with no off-road -- and I even skipped China Grade) so anybody with more than about 1,000 miles under their belt should be able to enjoy the route. I'm requesting volunteers for Sweeps! Please let me know if you'd be willing to "bring up the rear" and keep an eye on us. Depending on the number of riders, we may need more than one.

  • Girl Power Ladies Ride (Boys may come under conditions)

    76 gas station, leavesley and 101 in Gilroy by the outlet

    Ladies, are you with me? Let's show the boys what we can do! Yup, we will ride, ride and ride more. All day long!! This ride is going south to Carmel for lunch and coffee and pastry in the afternoon. The ride will end around 4-5ish back in Gilroy. Boys can come but ONLY if they wear lingerie over their gear. Yes, you wanna hang with the girls, you gotta dress like a girl.

  • Manchester Beach, Mendocino


    • What we'll do 2 nights of camping in beautiful Mendocino. Camp site offers heated pool and jacuzzi, hot showers, fire pit and grill. Beach is 20 minute walk from the site. We will do some riding in the area on Saturday, route TBD, and home on Sunday. Sorry about the change from Tahoe but they made an error in our dates and so we lost our spot for these nights. Cost is 5.00 per person per night. Yes, that's right! Just 5$ 😃. • What to bring Camping gear. There are no cabins currently available at this site so as of this date, tents only. • Important to know if you can't make it on Friday, please feel free to join us on Saturday. We will save a spot for you! KSU: 9:30 ROUTE: https://tinyurl.com/y8wsf6ag WEATHER: https://www.wunderground.com/forecast/us/ca/point-arena?cm_ven=localwx_10day

  • Willy Nilly over the Hilly


    Adventurous ride to Big Sur including the captivating views from Nacimiento Fergusson Road. Additional route to be posted later. This ride will be hosted by Rick. KSU: 9:30 Gas up at the Chevron ROUTE: https://tinyurl.com/ybt2orqs Lunch at the River Inn, Big Sur Beautiful weather forecast: https://www.wunderground.com/forecast/us/ca/big-sur?cm_ven=localwx_10day

  • Racing at Laguna Seca

    Needs a location