What we're about

Based mainly in the KW(+C) area but surely open to more, this group is intended to be an opportunity for discussing, socialising, & sharing ideas, questions, opinions, theories, and philosophies related to religion. Any of which can be the regarding the prospect of religion in general, distinct religions, or specific topics within a specific religion. This should be a chance to feel free to speak your mind, share your opinion, and ask questions, as long as you're not being intentionally offensive. I see this as an opportunity for theorising, sharing, and learning from varying beliefs/ cultural perspectives and viewpoints.

Anyone is welcome -including any religion (or lack there of) or belief system-, any background, culture and education, as long as you're considerate to others and try to be open minded at least to respecting others beliefs.

Here's some potential events for discussion, including some recreation & socialising;
-talk over food/drink (ie cafe, restaraunt, pub, someones house)
-bowling, billiards, hiking, biking, board-games, movie
(check the message board in "Discussions" tab for more)
(Any, hopefully allowing for the opportunity of talking about any topics/questions/theories at hand)
-Also the option of more individual religion specific events (eg. (home-)church, bible study, or volunteering, fund-raising as a group)

In addition to meetup discussions, text posts could be a relevant element to this group. Anyone is welcome to post any topics and replies to other original posts in the Message Board -under the "Discussion" tab. Written posts of philosophy, and or general ideas can be an effective method to relay ideas and to communicate clearly with ample time for analysis, processing, comprehension, and understanding (or as I try to remember it; APCU :) (andd, sufficient applicable time to procure, implement practice of, and placate adequate, efficient, and sometimes EXCESSIVE :O vocabulary and linguistic communication XD )

Suggestions, requests, and hosting events are encouraged (as alternate perspectives, opinions, and ideas are a big part of this group), for new possibilities/changes to current or future events.
Send me a message, or post in Discussions, for the chance of others feedback.

Looking forward to meeting and getting to know some new people.

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