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Remarkably YOU: Unleash Your Creativity
Do you know what Your Outstanding Uniqueness is, and what makes you Remarkably YOU? In September, it's all about Creating the Life You Want - we will focus on unleashing your creativity and shifting out of reactive mode. Join us for an engaging discussion and practical application practice to help you fuel your passions and dreams and becoming the best version of you. Sign up for this workshop at Central Library in Indianapolis. About Remarkably YOU: During this Year of Personal Discovery, we will explore 12 different areas and visions for your life as you become your best self and live the life of your dreams: January 16 - Physical Health and Energy (Energizing Your Life) February 13 - Emotional (Connecting + Relationship) March 13 - Intellectual (Learning + Growth) April 10 - Spiritual Growth (What Honors You) May 15 - Psychological (How You Think) June 12 - Material (Getting What You Want) July 10 - Adventure (What is Your Next Big Adventure?) August 14 - Financial (What You Want To Make) September 11 - Creative (Unleash Your Creativity!) October 9 - Professional (How and Where You Want To Work) November 13 - Character (Who You Want To BE) December 11 - Legacy (The Difference You Make)

Central Library

40 East Saint Clair Street · Indianapolis, IN

What we're about

While the term "personal growth and development" is all about you and your own journey of self - you don't have to do it alone! Why not join a group of like-minded people who can explore new ideas with you, share different perspectives, encourage and even empower you to take the next step, and then hold you accountable to the ideals you most want and are working towards without any judgment? If this sounds like a breath of fresh air for you, I hope you'll join us. The exciting journey of discovering the Remarkably You person are awaits!

When we become our best selves, we identify and go after our dreams - those things that we feel deep within us and we know innately when we find them that THIS is what we are meant to be doing. Our lives pulse with meaning and connection, and we know we are making a difference for others.

One of the best books on this subject is The Rhythm of Life, by Matthew Kelly. He identifies twelve categories that we explore throughout the year in the journey to becoming your best self and living your dreams:
January - Physical Health and Energy
February - Emotional (Connections/Communication, Relationships, Emotional Intelligence)
March - Intellectual (Learning and Growing Knowledge and Skills)
April - Spiritual Growth
May - Psychological (How We Think)
June - Material (What We Want)
July - Adventure (What is Your Next Big Adventure?)
August - Financial (What You Want To Make)
September - Creative (Unleash Your Creativity!)
October - Professional (How and Where You Want To Work)
November - Character (Who We Want To BE)
December - Legacy (The Difference We Make)

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