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“I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don’t know already. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten.” — Eckhart Tolle

This group is for anyone ready to craft the lifestyle, self-care, & habits necessary to live the life you desire. You know that this requires you to look at your deepest fears and you know that you want to do this in community.

I will be hosting EFT/Tapping related Meetups, plus many other wellness & vibration raising events, blending means such as essential oils, laughter, art/creativity and other self-love/self-care tools. My intention is to build a community of joyful, creative, connected people. I envision open tapping groups, closed support groups, art & laughter play dates, book clubs and more. Yet, life is an evolution and I want this group to reflect that evolution and the process of Remembering Self and the people who show up to build this community with me. I have created several Polls to gauge interest in topics, events, days and times. Your input is appreciated.

I plan to post in-person Meetups and some online options from time-to-time.


My name is Andrea (On-drey-uh). As a life long seeker, I have been asking questions, diving deep, growing and collecting tools for as long as I can recall. I have always longed to feel comfortable in my own skin. And in my own mind. The idea for the name Remembering Self came to me more than 10 years ago, after my first husband died, and ever since I've been on a personal journey, figuring out what that means ...

I see Remembering Self as a journey of healing, discovery and remembering Who I Am – my Divine Nature/True Essence, what I need, what I love. I know that I am a Divine Spark. A Co-Creator. Yet, often I forget. I have to constantly and consistently do the work and use my tools to Remember. It has gotten easier over time. It is also easier when I am sharing and helping others to do the same, so thank you for the opportunity!

There is a section in A Course In Miracles titled “The Decision to Forget”. Conversations With God also talks about remembering Who You Are. Eckhart Tolle speaks to this too. When I had the idea for this name (back in 2007!!!) I had never read anything to do with A Course In Miracles or Conversations With God or Eckhart Tolle, but I had stepped on the path. Now that I have been introduced to them (especially ACIM & CWG) it resonates to my core, answered many questions that lingered and explain why I chose this title. My True Self knew! It also serves as proof to me that The Universe Has My Back.

“Seek, therefore, not to find out Who You Are, seek to determine Who You Want to Be. Your job on Earth, therefore, is not to learn (because you already know), but to remember Who You Are. And to remember who everyone else is.” ~ Conversations With God

One reason I love EFT so much, is that it really is the perfect tool to help remove the blocks and muck that contribute to our forgetting our true nature.

My Purpose
To live, share and facilitate the Universal Remembering of Self.

My Vision
A peaceful world, where we choose to live from the Universal Truth of Who and What We Really Are – Divine Co-creators.

My Mission
Joyful Creative Connection – Fostering understanding, creativity, and building community. Creating safe space to allow for authentic and vulnerable connection with self and others. To allow for the Remembering of Self.

As a life coach I have been developing my own style which I call My Remembering Self Coaching Phases of Alignment:
1) Reduce Overwhelm & Build Awareness
2) Clear Blocks and Suspicions of Self
3) Remembering Self (which leads to)
4) Joyful Creative Connection: Creative Flow = Connection to self, others & Spirit (continuous)

I ran several EFT Meetups in the past. Things were dormant for quite a while as I was going through some major life events, including illness and injury (mine & family) and going back to school. I recently graduated in a spiritual-based counseling psychology program with Clearmind International out of Vancouver, BC. I’ve used EFT for years with myself and clients, but I finally completed my official EFT certification with AAMET International this year after beginning training with EFT Universe back in 2011. I have resumed coaching sessions, integrating my previous coaching skills and newfound knowledge in EFT, Trauma, Family Systems Theory, Gestalt etc.

In case you don't know much about me here are some quick tidbits - I become a widow at a young age and this had a huge impact my trajectory, I have been the caretaker and the one with a chronic illness. Everything I offer, I have used on myself first for my own physical and mental well-being. I put Laughter Yoga on the map in Portland in 2008 with the city's first weekly club & have been running a successful Laughter related Meetup community since 2011, with weekly events. I encourage you to head on over and read my About page and my Philosophy page on my website to learn about my journey and my resume.

It has been a long time coming, but I am excited to be back and creating community! Please contact me if you have any ideas or questions.

Andréa Crisp

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