Entrepreneurs, Don't Pitch Your Startup Idea To Investors Unless It Is Fundable!

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Entrepreneurs, please do not waste your precious time and resources. Please do not make rounds of unwelcomed pitches to half-asleep investors.

99% of pitches to Angel Investors fail. Why? I can give you the top three reasons:

1. Pitching a startup idea before it is fundable.

2. Too much essential data is not included in the pitch.

3. Pitching to the wrong Investors.

Seeking funding is hard. Don't make it even harder on yourself.

Come attend this free, online session to listen and learn. Or, if your pitch is ready, pitch. Pitch Here! It's online and free.

Here is your chance to subject your pitch to some constructive feedback and get answers to some of your critical questions.

Avoid making serious mistakes by pitching a raw, unfundable idea, delivered in the wrong way, in front of the wrong investors.

See you online. Let's put in some serious work.

You can learn more and register here: http://1m1m.sramanamitra.com/free-public-roundtables/