What we're about

This meetup is brought to you by Sprout Management, (http://sproutmanagement.ca/) a YYC company with a mission to encourage Calgarians and YYC businesses to develop practices that have a positive impact on the economy and environment.

This meetup will be broken down into the following three parts:

1) Presentations on Renewable Energy and Sustainability

2) Networking meetups

3) Volunteering outings for the community and environment

The goal is to bring together energy and sustainability enthusiast from several different backgrounds in order to have a full understanding of the challenges we face in YYC. Whether you work in energy and sustainability or you are simply motivated by positive change for Alberta, anyone that can provide a new perspective is welcome.

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Past events (6)

June 4th Meet-up: Ras Takac on Renewable Energy in Alberta

National on 8th Ave

Future of Renewable Energy Debate

National on 8th Ave

December 4th at National on 8th Ave!

National on 8th Ave

Nov 6th Meetup with Dustin Poole on Disruptive Technology

National on 8th Ave

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