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Unlike other RE meet-ups likely a small group that will start off public but eventually go private - perhaps will turn into a think tank if there is enough motivation. A group where we come together to brainstorm ideas and create solutions to energy related problems in Alberta - maybe even have quick presentations if there is a need. Primarily how we can better integrate renewable energy solutions effectively into the market. The goal is to bring together energy enthusiast from several different backgrounds related to energy in Alberta in order to have a full understanding of the challenges we face, some examples of profiles we look for include but are not limited to:

- Renewable energy professionals
- Renewable energy developers
- Renewable energy EPCs (engineering, procurement and construction)
- Government representatives
- Alberta energy market specialists
- Renewable energy Enthusiasts
- Enthusiastic energy students
- Representatives from the oil & gas industry
- Engineers, marketers, financiers

Whether you work in energy or you are simply motivated by positive change for Alberta, anyone that can provide a new prospective is welcome.

Each week will be a new topic to discuss over a drink and hopefully, if nothing else, we can connect people interested in the topic and maybe some projects can arise from these meetings. Feel free to make suggestions of topics to discuss. The following are the starter topics that we have:

Topic 1: Challenges that are faced by all Alberta energy stakeholders
- Day 1 we will bring together and note all of the issues being faced by the industry at the moment (ex. high prices, weather, lack of funding, etc.). By doing this we can then take the most common topics and create a topic for the next session.

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Future of Renewable Energy Debate

National on 8th Ave

December 4th at National on 8th Ave!

National on 8th Ave

Renewable Energy Meet-up at National on 8th

National on 8th Ave

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