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The purpose of this group is to help members learn about the power of plant medicines through the sharing of personal experiences. We will be facilitating the micro-dosing of "Vine Only" Ayahuasca. This is 100% legal, does not contain DMT, like the ceremonial version, and yet still has profound effects and healing. We will be meeting weekly to share our insights and feelings, as well as documenting them through a survey app, to be ultimately published in a variety of publications. The desire is to highlight the power and "spirit" of the Ayahuasca vine, in hopes of furthering its research, and allowing more people to receive healing.

If you have been healed and/or have had a life-altering experience as a result of using plant medicines, we would love to hear about it! We also welcome anyone who has not been able to find healing through conventional medicine. It is our hope that you might be able to gain knowledge and support from other members experiencing similar issues. For many, alternative medicines is often a last resort after traditional medicines have failed them, and simply hearing how others have been healed can be transformative.

We welcome anyone who is curious about plant medicines and wishes to learn about non-traditional approaches to health and wellness. Member requirements are simple but absolutely essential:

• Sincerity and understanding that sharing of experiences, thoughts, and opinions on health issues may cause members to feel vulnerable.

• You must therefore respect, appreciate, and keep sacred other members' thoughts, opinions, life choices, etc. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

• In order for all members to feel safe and share freely with the group, respecting each others' privacy is crucial. Please do not discuss other members' personal and health issues outside the group.

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