• The Legend of Geologic Time?

    3331 Sandy Way

    Is radioisotopic dating a theoretical process? Does it work on historical lava flows (young rocks)? Does diamond formation really require hundreds of millions of years? This intimate forum will rock your wold view as the 20th century notion of geologic time is put on trial! The implications of this radical "young earth" perspective will be examined at our next meetup held the next day at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City using exhibits on plate tectonics and wildly rapid continental drift to explain the previously elusive cause of the last ice age.

  • Sinking a supercontinent and the biggest break up ever!

    Nevada State Museum


    Last month by our own Marvin Katz delivered the series opener on Plate Tectonics at the beautiful Galena Creek Visitor Center. Friday night the 19th we'll re-examine the conventional geologic timescale in South Lake Tahoe. This stop (Saturday afternoon) we'll use the Devonian Sea exhibit at our state museum in Carson City to discuss the submerged super continent and see how plate tectonics played a role in the subsequent break up of the super continent(s). When the submerged supercontinent resurfaced, marine organisms of all sizes were preserved briefly in interior drainage basins (i.e. the Great Basin in North America). The largest of these would wash ashore in central Nevada to become our state fossil, the 70 foot long Shoshone Ichthyosaurus. The "tour" will begin and end in the "auditorium" actually a class room near the mammoth display on the second floor. Both the cause of the ice age and the world wide extinctions of ice age mega fauna will be linked to the source of catastrophically rapid continental drift. Come early to see the rest of the museum before our 2:30 meetup. The $8 admission charge is for entry to the museum.