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Free Museum Admission + An Evidence Based Assault on Geologic Time!

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Free Museum Admission + An Evidence Based Assault on Geologic Time!


This meetup is rebellious! We'll use the Devonian Sea exhibit to visualize the drowning of the super continent(s) and then the plate tectonics displays to see the subsequent break up of the super continent. The "rebel geochronology" presentation will reveal the undisclosed origins and history of the concept of geologic time while challenging the concept based on field evidence both locally and globally. This fast moving presentation combines the last two topics presented in a Friday night and a Saturday afternoon session. The "auditorium" is small so we can only get a small group in on the "rebel" presentation. If you don't get in on the RSVP wait list in time to take in the presentation on "The Legend of Geologic Time," you can still see the museum for free this day only!

Use this link to download a free ticket for admission for two to the Nevada State Museum good all day, but only on the September 21st;

When the submerged continent resurfaced, marine organisms of all sizes were preserved briefly in interior drainage basins (i.e. the Great Basin in North America). The largest of these would wash ashore in central Nevada to become our state fossil, the 70 foot long Shoshone Ichthyosaurus.

Both a little noticed display narrative and your drive to the state fossil park will also challenge the traditional view of geologic time; was the Devonian sea epoch really 300 million years ago? If so, where is the observable evidence for the time lapse? Our free tickets are connected with Smithsonian Magazine's Museum Day. Their May issue last year featured China's dinosaur boom;

China's Gobe desert has been described as topography untouched since the Jurassic. This image of unbroken dinosaur eggs left unbroken in the mud parallels the Great Basin where our state fossil is found emerging from the surface strata where dozen beached. Steno's Principal of Superposition holds such surface fossils to be relatively recent, yet the accepted "absolute" dating systems of the 20th century based on igneous rocks date dinosaurs between 65 and 200 million years while recent carbon 14 dates them at less than 40,000 !!!

Come early to take in the whole museum and then circle back to the meeting room at 2 PM. Q&A following the rebellious geochronology presentation!

600 N. Carson St. · CARSON CITY, NV
15 spots left