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Learn Mindfulness and Meditation to Navigate Life's Transitions
Every transition requires the ability to weather the ups and downs that go with the territory, and nothing is as helpful as having a practice to still the mind. This is why I invite you to learn three of the main approaches to MINDFULNESS and MEDITATION, as you embark or consider a career change. When I first tried to meditate, I found it super hard. For years I tried it on and off: when it didn't work, it felt disappointing or frustrating, when it did work, it was not much more than relaxing. Until I found the method that worked for ME. In the course of my explorations I discovered a few things that are seldom talked about: - Learning IN PERSON from a teacher, and with other people, supercharges your learning, Apps can be helpful after this step, or as a supplement, but cannot make up for it - Each approach to mindfulness or meditation is based on different traditions and philosophies. Knowing the WHY of each tradition can make a big difference in your willingness to learn, ability to commit to the discipline, and even spiritual transformation - You will probably resonate more with one type of practice compared to others. When you FIND THE RIGHT PRACTICE for your mind, it will be easier to get started and you will experience deeper benefits I invite you to experience and learn more about three of the most effective traditions: Mindfulness Practice, Zen Meditation, and Kundalini Chanting. Teachers' bios here: Mindfulness practice does not require you to meditate. It's a secular practice based on Buddhist tradition and psychological research. You can practice mindfulness in your everyday life, and even a little bit of it will greatly benefit your understanding of yourself, others, and what is happening around you. If you feel stuck in life and unable to make a change, a practice of mindfulness is the first step to regain the ability to change course. Zen Meditation, called Zazen, is a silent meditation practice whose aim is to suspend all judgement and simply let thoughts pass by. "It can be regarded as a means of insight into the nature of existence." Dharma-Holder Katherine Senshin Griffith from the Zen Center of Los Angeles will introduce us to this ancient and powerful discipline. Kundalini Chanting is perfect for you if you find silent meditation very difficult. Eastern chanting takes different forms, SiriKartar Kaur Khalsa will introduce us to the Yoga of Sound (Naad Yoga). Chanting meditation is based on the experience of how sound vibrations affect the body, mind and spirit, as it changes the chemical of the brain. If you have never experienced it, you are in for a treat! This workshop is organized by Repurpose Your Purpose - a program to help you figure out what to do professionally and support you while you go for it. Founder Aurora Meneghello's career advice has been featured on CNBC, Glassdoor Blog, Bustle Magazine, and more. For more information about Repurpose Your Purpose, visit our website. Space is limited, don't wait to sign up. DETAILS: Doors open at 9:30 am, teaching starts at 9:45 am. Please be on time. No one will be allowed in after 10:00 am - no exceptions. We will meet at Tender Loving Childbirth (TLC) Midwifery. Please note that we are required to wear no shoes inside the space. There are 15 floor chairs available on a first come first served basis, or bring your yoga mat or a pillow to sit. If you need to sit on a chair or have other physical conditions that require a different accomodation, please let me know and we'll figure it out :) There is street parking around TLC Midwifery. This workshop is offered by Repurpose Your Purpose and all profits will be shared with teachers and the location. Repurpose Your Purpose is committed to helping the wider community by hosting some low cost workshops and a few events per year offered as gifts to career changers. For more information about Repurpose Your Purpose, visit our website.

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What we're about

Repurpose your Purpose ( is for you if you have been working for a while either as an employee or a business owner and you feel stuck: I help people learn how to use what you already know to do something new.

Repurpose your Purpose is for you if:

- You feel like a jack of all trades and master of none – and you have no idea what to pursue professionally
- You feel confident you could get any job…if you only knew what you wanted
- You want to do something bigger with your life – but you are not sure what and are too scared to move forward
- You want to contribute, help people, do something meaningful, but you don’t know what – everything you can think of doesn’t pay!
- You feel insecure, and unsure what to do, after getting out of a toxic workplace environment. Your confidence took a serious hit.
- You feel stuck and are afraid you will be stuck forever, forgetting who you are and what you are capable of doing.
- Every job you look at seems out of your reach – you are either over qualified or under qualified.
- You would like to find a career you love you could grow into
- You feel too old to change career, and yet you cannot bear continuing on the same path.
- You have always worked in the same field, and you have no idea what else is out there.
- You loved your job and got really good at it, but now you feel bored, and the excitement is gone.
- You never felt good about anything you’ve done professionally…if you just didn’t have to make money!
- You were happy to work 50+ hours a week before having a family, but now work life balance is your priority and your current job is running you to the ground
- You have a longing to work for yourself but have no idea what to do.

Come learn how to turn things around by tapping into your natural talents and hard-learned skills to move into a different career. The bad news is that it’s a process that takes time; the good news is that there is a framework you can use over and over again in your life to move from being stuck to growing. And then thrive.

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