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Repurpose your Purpose (https://www.repurposeyourpurpose.com) is for you if you have been working for a while either as an employee or a business owner and you feel stuck: I help people learn how to use what you already know to do something new.

Repurpose your Purpose is for you if:

- You feel like a jack of all trades and master of none – and you have no idea what to pursue professionally
- You feel confident you could get any job…if you only knew what you wanted
- You want to do something bigger with your life – but you are not sure what and are too scared to move forward
- You want to contribute, help people, do something meaningful, but you don’t know what – everything you can think of doesn’t pay!
- You feel insecure, and unsure what to do, after getting out of a toxic workplace environment. Your confidence took a serious hit.
- You feel stuck and are afraid you will be stuck forever, forgetting who you are and what you are capable of doing.
- Every job you look at seems out of your reach – you are either over qualified or under qualified.
- You would like to find a career you love you could grow into
- You feel too old to change career, and yet you cannot bear continuing on the same path.
- You have always worked in the same field, and you have no idea what else is out there.
- You loved your job and got really good at it, but now you feel bored, and the excitement is gone.
- You never felt good about anything you’ve done professionally…if you just didn’t have to make money!
- You were happy to work 50+ hours a week before having a family, but now work life balance is your priority and your current job is running you to the ground
- You have a longing to work for yourself but have no idea what to do.

Come learn how to turn things around by tapping into your natural talents and hard-learned skills to move into a different career. The bad news is that it’s a process that takes time; the good news is that there is a framework you can use over and over again in your life to move from being stuck to growing. And then thrive.

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