Developing a Research Proposal

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A practical workshop with deep insight, dynamic interaction, and great fun and support. Workshop fee R950.

Understanding the research process and developing an excellent research proposal are imperative for gaining access to Masters and PhD studies. How you navigate your way through the research proposal approval process will make or break you as a postgraduate candidate at any research university.

It is precisely at the research proposal stage that most applicants interested in pursuing their studies ultimately give up. Or do not bother trying. And, for the minority who attempt it, this is where you will spend much of your energy and stress.

Nowadays our universities offer research methodology seminars and workshops, but these are typically options after you have already invested much time and effort in at least a tentative research proposal.

I’ve been an academic for 25+ years. Around 50 students have graduated under my supervision, and I can confirm that 99% of them struggled most with their research proposals. Most did not apply to the programme with a strong background in research methodology; 100% of them did not submit a decent research proposal at the start. It took quite a while for most to submit a research proposal I was willing to support and submit to any research proposal review.

If they had entered the programme with a well-developed research proposal, it would’ve saved them much time and money.

50 of them made it through, but many more applied but did not make it further than a preliminary research proposal.

My strong advice to anyone considering a postgraduate degree - especially a PhD - is to invest deeply in a process of learning how to craft a research proposal that will not just be admissible, but rather one that will dazzle. You do not want to start something as serious as a Masters or PhD degree on a weak footing. That weak footing will determine the quality and success of your research project as a whole thereafter.

Start strong so that you actually successfully complete the degree - and end strong!

If you decide to proceed, I am willing to journey with you in your quest to develop an outstanding research proposal. Yes, I have the experience and expertise, but more importantly I have the desire to promote your success. If you are willing to commit yourself and invest the time, effort, resources, and follow-through.

To initiate this journey, I am offering a masterclass workshop on ‘Developing a research proposal.’ I will introduce you to the world and language of research, provide an overview of the research process, take you through a series of practical exercises to help you make concrete decisions about your research topic and problem, share practical methods to assist you in moving through the various components of the research proposal, facilitate sessions where we can test and assess your decisions, and help identify where you are at and how to proceed further.

This will take time, so we will divide this complex but promising process into 2-3 parts, depending on what kind of intervention is demanded.

Part 1 takes place as follows:
WHO? Only seriously-invested individuals who are committed to a complex process of critical learning, accountable engagement, & follow-through. Limited spaces to maximise the group engagement & especially my commitment to focus intensively on your work and progress.
WHEN? Saturday 14th September 2019 from 12h00-18h00.
WHERE? Ekhaya Guest House & Seminar Centre Ballito.
COST? R950
HOW? Zapper payment (see attached photo of QR code), or by EFT (request details). RSVP and confirm payment via [masked]

It’s your call ;) 2020 is calling. Starting points are all-important. How you start out determines how you will end. Do you want to finish strong? So start strong!