What we're about

Want to 练习中文 with other Mandarin speakers and learners? Need to brush up on your 发音? This group is for people who speak or study Mandarin Chinese, and would like more opportunities to practice speaking in conversation with others. Our members are fluent English speakers learning Mandarin, and 说流利的中文学习英语的人. This page will have Triangle-area events that members can attend together, Mando-drama watch events, and possibly other events that members want to organize.


• All speakers welcome. Inactive members will be removed after over six months.

• HARASSMENT POLICY: Harassment is not tolerated and is a quick route to being banned. No soliciting.

• ATTENDANCE POLICY: Last-minute RSVP changes from 'Going' to 'Not Going' will be considered 'No Shows' in the interest of planning and fairness for other members. Several repeated No Shows may result in removal from the group at the discretion of event organizers.

• Members removed due to inactive accounts may rejoin at a later time when it is more convenient for them. Members removed for violations of harassment and attendance policies may not rejoin.

If you do not see an event near you, feel free to post in the discussion to coordinate a Meetup with other Mandarin learners and speakers near you.

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