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Want to 练习中文 with other Mandarin speakers and learners? Need to brush up on your 发音? This group is for people who speak or study Mandarin Chinese, and would like more opportunities to practice speaking in conversation with others. Our members are fluent English speakers learning Mandarin, and 说流利的中文学习英语的人. We mostly meet casually, dine out, and attend Triangle-area events together. We also have a reading club starting May 18. As we grow, we plan to start movie/show viewings and other structured events to promote language practice and exchange.

All speakers welcome. Inactive members will be removed after over two months.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Last-minute RSVP changes from 'Going' to 'Not Going' will be considered 'No Shows' in the interest of planning and fairness for other members. Several repeated No Shows may result in removal from the group at the discretion of event organizers.

If you do not see an event near you, please message Emily Li to suggest a venue that would be great for a group to meet and chat.

If you're starting to learn Chinese, here is a good video on how to ask the most common questions you'll use in a language exchange (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nB9tR8afFvU). For all speakers, the ACTFL has a thorough and clear proficiency scale. Here are links in English and 简体中文: ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 (https://www.actfl.org/publications/guidelines-and-manuals/actfl-proficiency-guidelines-2012/english/speaking); ACTFL语文能力大纲2012版——口语》 (https://www.actfl.org/publications/guidelines-and-manuals/actfl-proficiency-guidelines-2012/chinese/simplified-characters/%E5%8F%A3%E8%AF%AD). Spoken examples are available at each proficiency level.

Upcoming events (3)

《東方小館》早午点心/Brunch dim sum at East Coast Asian Bistro

We'll be welcoming a guest at this event: Carolyn Lee, Professor of the Practice of Chinese and the Director of the Chinese Language Program at Duke, is joining us for brunch! Carolyn is an enthusiastic supporter of community-based language learning. Also, if you have studied abroad or are interested in spending time in China, or if you want to know more about how to foster language use in a non-Chinese cultural environment, these happen to be some of Prof. Lee's many research interests. Definitely make sure you check out more at these websites: https://asianmideast.duke.edu/people/kun-shan-lee http://www.duke.edu/web/chinesesoc/ http://www.duke.edu/web/chinesesoc/character/ At our last meetup at Chubby's Tacos, there was quite a bit of interest in getting dim sum. This event is in response to that interest. If you can make it out for brunch on Saturday April 20, let's eat together! **RSVP by Friday April 12 so I can reserve a table with a headcount.** I've had pretty good experiences with East Coast Asian Bistro 東方小館, which is in Greenwood Commons Shopping Center. (They recently changed their Google Maps name to "Dimsum Asian Bistro.") Here is their Yelp page: https://www.yelp.com/biz/east-coast-asian-bistro-durham-2 All 汉语 speaking levels welcome. Come with questions or just to chat! **RSVP by Friday April 12 so I can reserve a table with a headcount.**

🍻🕹️👾 Bill's Going-Away Drinks at Durham Boxcar Bar & Arcade 👾🕹️🍻

Bill/比尔/bǐ'ěr is moving to China! 🛫 Let's send him off with drinks and games at the new Boxcar Bar & Arcade in Durham. Boxcar is a bar with arcade games. They'll have nostalgic older games, pinball machines, plus newer games as well. All speaking levels welcome, new members and oldbies alike.

📰📚 Reading club <> 阅读俱乐部 📚📰

Cafe Carolina and Bakery

Improve your vocabulary by challenging yourself to read Chinese regularly. For our first meeting, we will each pick two news articles to read on our own and discuss together. Go to a Chinese news site such as http://www.xinhuanet.com/ and select 2 news articles that you personally find interesting. (Don't worry if you have to use a translator to pick the articles, but once you select them, you should try reading the articles themselves in Chinese.) I suggest picking one easy article that's very comfortable for you to understand, and then trying one that's a reach for you to grasp. You'll read these articles on your own, and then explain them to other attendees at our meeting. We'll aim to keep our chat 80%-100% Chinese. Feel free to find news from any source other than xinhua. Simplified or traditional Chinese are both fine, whichever you want to practice. At the end, we can talk about what we should try reading next, whether it be a short novel or articles with a specific theme. ---Recommended attendee skill levels--- https://www.actfl.org/publications/guidelines-and-manuals/actfl-proficiency-guidelines-2012/english/ Speaking: Novice High or higher Writing: N/A Listening: Intermediate Mid or higher Reading: Intermediate Mid or higher 如果讨论对你有意义,母语为汉语的人也应该参加!

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