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Concerned about where the country is heading? You're not alone. Join others who care about what's happening to democracy, equality, human rights, social justice, sustainability, and other important topics. It's ok if you've never been to a protest, march, or town hall -- start here. You really can make a difference.

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Hello! I'm Sue Bailey and I live in Berkley. I am working with Meetup #RESIST to get some of our groups in Michigan up and running. This resistance thing is a long marathon and we need to get going!
As many of you have noticed, you are all listed as event organizers. No pressure! It just means that anyone in the group can choose to organize and host an event or Meetup. Whoever posts the Meetup will be the only one that can make changes to it or cancel it if necessary/.
Meetup #RESIST is looking to find a couploe of people in each #RESIST group to take on a kind of leadership role. That person would be identified as a Co-Organizer. The responsibilities would include:
• Perhaps 'vetting' new members as they request to join your group. We have already had some problems with trolls and negativity and we are trying to minimize that.
• Making an attempt to welcome new members as they join.
• Assist with events when possible.
• Monitor for trolls or negativity. You will be able to block trolls from your group if they are troublesome.
• You will be able to edit any events planned by others if needed.
• And all other duties as assigned.....
There is a great deal of support for Co-Organizers provided by Meetup. So you won't be alone. There is also a networking sight for Co-Organizers to share ideas and bounce off thoughts/ideas.
If you think you are interested in signing on as a Co-Organizer, please email me at [masked] and we'll get you started!
I am also available to all of the Meetup #RESIST groups in Michigan. Feel free to contact me if you have questions, need resources, want templates for postcards, or want help with organizing an event.
I'm so happy so many of you have joined #RESIST. I think we can really turn things around by mid term elections if we get organized and keep up the momentum!
Glad to meet you. And thanks for your activism.

Talk about Ballot Initiatives for 2018!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hi guys, i hope everyone is having a great 4th of july! over the last couple of weeks i've been going to a few meeting on ballot initiatives for 2018. The best way to make your voice heard is through direct democracy. several states have ballot initiatives, i can get in touch with some people that are pushing some progressive policies in this state. They are looking for volenteers or just need your signuature to get on the ballot! ill will update further on location and guest speakers. thanks for your time and happy 4th of july!

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