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The Florida Constitution is revamped every 20 years. A Revision Committee was created to propose amendments that will be on the ballot in the mid-term election of 2018. The original concept of revising the whole constitution periodically is both rational and necessary. The problem is that, once more, as they did with redistricting, the Republican leadership uses its power to deform what would otherwise be commendable. Governor Rick Scott and the presidents of the State House and Senate, who are the main nominating powers for membership in the Revision Committee, have packed the body with retrograde minds and have further tarnished the process by allowing private meetings of members, something banned by the State’s Sunshine Law. These set of circumstances predict an assault on the Constitution to impose the radical right wing agenda. At we are coordinating the counter-offensive. We must stand together, be vigilant, be proactive and be militant. We will forcefully and massively oppose their intention of hijacking the Constitution. We must file and support amendments related to automatic redistricting, automatic voter registration, campaign finances, transparency, employee protection, civil and social rights, equal opportunity, consumer protection, immigration, reinsertion of marginalized sectors of society, affordable healthcare, affordable education, economic development, small business, infrastructure, environment, research and innovation, taxation, justice and others. We are all invited to choose in what issues we want to collaborate as part or supporters of Task Forces. We invite you to say NO to abuse. To say NO to discrimination. To say No to bigotry and to say NO to any attempt to perpetuate the retrograde control of the State Legislature. Register in one or more of the Task Forces on You will receive a copy of the constitution of the State of Florida and notices related to its revision. Go to (

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Concerned about where the country is heading? You're not alone. Join others who care about what's happening to democracy, equality, human rights, social justice, sustainability, and other important topics. It's ok if you've never been to a protest, march, or town hall -- start here. You really can make a difference.

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