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Walk for Immigrants with Alan R. Dornan The 78-year-old resident of Wethersfield, Connecticut, has scoliosis and spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spaces within the spine that can place pressure on the nerves and cause muscle weakness and pain. But every day, Dornan braves the elements and the physical discomforts he experiences to walk 2.2 miles, holding a sign to advertise his purpose to passersby: “I WALK for DREAMers and all IMMIGRANTS.” He started on January 25, and he hasn’t missed a day since. What started specifically as a daily walk for Dreamers has broadened. “Now I walk for all the DACA Dreamers, all the Dreamers, all the immigrants in America, all the people at our borders, all the parents and children who are being separated from one another that they should have a free place — not put together in cages or in prisons — but together on the soil of this free Earth,” he said. “So that’s what I walk for now, and I’ll walk until the day comes that I’m physically unable to walk.” Dornan wants supporters to host “Mirror Walks” all across the country to bring more attention to the cause. Let’s walk with Alan! “There’s no turning back for me now,” Dornan said. “They’ve placed an obligation on my shoulders to do whatever I can for them, because they’re in fear all the time. They say they fear that ICE agents are going to come pick them up — parents fear for their children to leave the house. These are the messages I get. And I’m stuck now. There’s no turning back. I cannot turn back on these people.”

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