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Resist Putin's Attacks on Democracy
No resistance is complete without rising up against Trump's friend and propagandist-in-arms, Vladimir Putin. During his 16-year reign (and counting), the authoritarian former KGB agent has decimated Russia's nascent democracy, violated Georgia and Ukraine's sovereignty, murdered thousands of Muslim civilians in Chechnya and Syria, funded the rise of far-right parties in Europe, interfered in elections in Eastern Europe and the US, plotted coups against pro-Western leaders, sabotaged the US election, and driven a wide-ranging disinformation campaign to turn citizens of western democracies against their own representative governments. Trump is just the latest effect of the Kremlin's subversion of democracy, and unless Putin is stopped, he will not be the last. We need to send a message that Putin's efforts will be in vain. We need to stand up and call on the Kremlin to reverse their unilateral takeover of Crimea, withdraw all support for separatist militants in Donbas, and end their spread of toxic disinformation catering to nationalists and extremists in the West. Putin's extremely corrupt government needs to invest their resources in making their own country more liveable, rather than trying to bring other countries down to their level. I propose a rally outside the Russian honorary consul's offices at a date and time TBD. As there are no diplomats in this location, it is purely symbolic, but also chosen to encourage protests in other cities to take place outside their respective Russian consulates & embassies. Some background info: Spread of Disinformation & Social Media Manipulation: “Russian Thinkfluencers | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” Violation of Ukraine's borders, support of separatist militants: Killing, torturing and jailing of dissidents & journalists: “Freedom of Depress | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” (Vladimir Kara-Murza, seen in the above video, was just poisoned again:) Atrocities and War Crimes against Civilians: Corruption: Interference in the US election: Putin's Anti-Liberal, Anti-Democratic (i.e., Fascist) Guiding Philosophy: Funding the Far-right, Attacks on pro-democracy NGOs:

honorary consul of the russian federation

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