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This Light-filled "practical spirituality" and transformational meetup is for Lightworker Virgins without any previous experience looking for 1) a supportive community with today's challenges 2) help to achieve your deepest and highest good goals and outcomes and 3) to expand intuitive skills and natural gifts. Empaths and experienced Lightworkers are welcome and receive powerful refinements, as well as, expansion opportunities from the Resonance map's orientation towards finding the highest light individualized solutions (right solutions, for the right person at the right time and place).

Classes and events offer spiritual principles, body/heart/mind/energy tools, and support to more consistently live from the True Self and follow your True Priorities. Led by Ann Paquin, advanced Resonance Healing practitioner and the author of the upcoming book: "Infinitely Re-Sourced: Light filled Resonance Healing® for a Vibrant, Healthy and Amazing Life".

Appointment information: http://www.AnnPaquin.net

Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing® was created by Dr. Sierra Levy, a licensed Naturopathic physician, a licensed Acupuncuturist, a midwife, an energy medicine/energy psychology practitioner. (ResonanceTherapy.com).

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