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Resonance Therapy® & Resonance Healing® is an Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Energy Sociology, and Energy Ecology Healing Arts Meta-System that innovatively serves the body, mind, spirit, emotional, social, and environmental needs from the physical to the metaphysical with joy.

It is a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to living that places you powerfully in touch with your Highest Inner Light and guidance system so that you can pursue your highest good, transform your wounds into well-being and genuinely align with your Authentic Highest Light Life Path.

Join us for a group healing circle using Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing® to find the priority energy healing tools to serve the Deepest and Highest Good for the group.

Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing® was created by Dr. Sierra L. Levy ND, L.Ac. whose global practice is physically based in Maui, Hawaii. www.ResonanceTherapy.com (http://resonancetherapy.info) Facebook Link (https://www.facebook.com/Resonance-Therapy-Resonance-Healing-138156959576151/?ref=bookmarks)

Whether you have already experienced Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing® and are looking to connect with other practitioners or are new to the Healing field, we invite you to join our group to bring more Light into your life!

By working with the "Deepest and Highest Good" for the group each participant benefits from the experience...

Our other group facilitators Linda Rayner and Julia Carole have been using Resonance healing in their daily lives for the past 10 years and are also eager to share this experience with a wider audience.

Julia Carole is a Resonance Healing® practitioner who is passionate about bringing Resonance to a wider audience through experiential workshops around the world, where one can gain clarity, build confidence and access greater self love and freedom, in a light-filled community.

Linda Rayner M.D. is a holistic practitioner of Resonance Therapy®, who loves to work with clients to alleviate the roots of their issues by focusing on the energetic and emotional causes of stress and illness. She is dedicated to helping her clients to reconnect with their light-filled True Self, while revitalizing their physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual health. http://www.transformationalhealthsolutions.com

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