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Responsible AI is a group of humans passionate about ensuring AI is used to benefit our society. We are Ai practitioners, as well as philosophers, lawyers, academics and more.

We see so many advantageous applications of AI, but are all toa ware of the damage that can be done if appropriate ethical and regulatory frameworks are not embedded into the framework.

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Creating a new applied science to think about AI in cyber-physical systems

3A Institute was established in 2017 to establish a new applied science around the management of AI, data and technology and their impact on humanity. Kobi and Glen will be diving into what that means and what work has been done as Research fellow and Masters student respectively. Kobi Leins is a Research Fellow at the 3A Institute at Australian National University (ANU). Kobi Leins has managed programs and teams in the areas of administrative law & justice, humanitarian law, human rights law, and disarmament with the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross. In 2006, Leins worked with the International Service for Human Rights in New York to advocate for the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, after which she worked for the United Nations Secretariat. In 2005, she liaised with States, scientists and stakeholders to raise awareness of, and compliance with, the Biological Weapons and Chemical Weapons Conventions. In 2004, Leins worked as a Legal Officer at the United Nations Compensation Commission in Geneva under the auspices of a Security Council Resolution analysing and presenting claims for environmental damage following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1991, having escaped commercial law to do so. More recently, Leins prepared a matrix for review of domestic compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention. Leins is currently completing her PhD with the University of Melbourne on whether the use of nanotechnology enhanced or based weapons is prohibited or limited in an armed conflict, and is currently working on creating a new applied science at the Australian National University. Glen Berman is a Masters student at the 3A Institute at the Australian National University (ANU). Glen has spent the past decade working at the intersection of technology and social change. Most recently he served as Managing Director of SumOfUs, a non-profit focused on issues of corporate accountability supported globally by over 15,000,000 people. Previously Glen co-founded Australian Progress, an organisation focused on strengthening the voice and capacity of Australia's civil society sector. Through his Masters studies Glen is focused on the responsible development of AI in physical systems.

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