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I am interested in Change in the workplace and currently work for Accenture. We have set up Responsive Organisation Meetup groups around the world and given I am in Melbourne it makes sense given my passion to initiate this group in our local environment.

We are looking for those kinds of individuals who want to change the way they work. Who are trying to instil the idea in their company that work is something you do and not a place you have to go to to do it. The Change Makers in industry are the kinds of people who would be interested in the kinds of conversations we are having at this meetup. If you are the kind of person who is moving your company for being planning focused to being more experimental, from being control orientated to being more autonomous, from being secretive to being more open then this is the group for you.

We bring change makers together from organisations for #responsivecoffee #responsivebreakfast and other small face to face events. At these events you will learn to empower your organisation from the stories which we share. You will learn about what communication platforms enable the Responsive Organisation and how to implement these. We need a platform for providing local connections and a place to discuss the events and provide local context prior to and after the event and so Meetup provides this for us.

This Responsive Group has a number of initiatives such as #weworkunbound as a way to bring people out of their office environments and have them work in a space (will be different each time) and experience face to face work out loud environments.

Are your customers starting to move faster than you can respond to? The Responsive Organisation meetup is a community of people who are leading the shift in how companies adapt, learn, and respond to a constantly evolving world. We need to discuss this change and shift and this Meetup group provides a way for us to do this in Melbourne face to face.

You can find out more about the Responsive Organisation here:


We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne at the Responsive Organisation events we set up.

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