What we're about

"Responsive Organization (http://www.responsive.org/)" is a global movement aimed at (re)thinking our organizations in the era of digital and social technologies. In the movement, people from all over the world share their experiences and ideas on how concretely change the way we work towards more agility, transparence and open ness; in other words: how to be more responsive!

What this Meetup Group is about

We explore the emerging ideas and practices of responsive, adaptable, evolving organizations. Small companies can get away with creative chaos, but chaos alone doesn't scale. Once companies grow, there seems to be very little choice between organizational 'operating systems'. The dominant org OS has been upgraded, fixed, and hacked, but in most organizations, work gets done despite it, not because of it. More and more organizations are replacing the traditional management hierarchy with more fluid and responsive ways of organizing. Valve, Zappos, Buurtzorg, Medium, Spotify, Morning Star, and Springest are just some of the examples of organizations that are reinventing how work gets organized in service of purpose. This meetup explores what we can learn from these and other organizations' experiments and experiences, and how we can start reinventing and transforming our own organizations to be more responsive and purpose-driven.

Who should join

People who are passionate about reinventing organizations, agile, responsiveness, holacracy, etc., and who are ready to jump in and start experimenting in the teams and organizations they show up in. Bring an open mind, share what/who inspires you, what you've tried, what works and what doesn't, and what burning questions you hold.

Why you should join

To learn, share, or have funSharing ideas, experiences, and learnings, getting curious about what works and what doesn't, and actually trying out new things.

What you can expect

Inviting in entrepreneurs and pioneers from the responsive org space to share their insights and learnings. Connecting with likeminded folks in an informal space. Visiting some of the pioneering companies in The Netherlands.

Upcoming events (2)

Brave New Workshop and book launch with Aaron Dignan

Aaron Dignan, organisation designer, co-founder of ResponsiveOrg and The Ready will be in The Netherlands for the Dutch book launch of Brave New Work. The Brave New Workshop is a two-hour deep dive into the future of work. Anyone who leads a team of people—from founders to first-time managers—will find something special to bring back to their culture. Are you ready to reinvent your organization? Do you believe it’s time to eradicate bureaucracy and make room for a more adaptive and human way of working? Then you belong at the Brave New Workshop. BRING A COPY Here's the best part: what normally costs thousands is yours for the price of one book. Bring a copy of the book to get free entry. Reserve your Dutch copy now through this link: https://bit.ly/329rtEP WHAT YOU’LL LEARN - How modern work has become indistinguishable from sabotage - How confusion between the complicated and the complex drives us crazy - How evolutionary organizations think and work differently - How to diagnose your own organization’s tensions and opportunities - How to safely experiment with new ways of working, including better ways to approach structure, decisions, budgeting, meetings, and much more - How to turn change management on its head - How to create a culture of continuous participatory change AGENDA (subject to change): - 18.00 Registration and light dinner - 18.45 Start workshop - 21.15 Drinks - 22.00 End More info at: http://bravenewwork.com/workshop-nl

Holacracy and beyond @ NRG Circles

Oliver Valves Nederland BV

NRG Circles reinvented itself as a business in organizing around purpose. It has been almost three years when NRG Circles decided to implement the self-management tool Holacracy. The organization has been evolving in every area ever since and keeps discovering more holistic approaches of organizing as well as doing business that positively impacts the industry and beyond. NRG Circles is excited about welcoming you in their office for a get-together and to share its learnings and experiences in the different areas of their organization. Agenda The agenda covers topics as hiring and firing, new ways of setting up salary systems and how to do business that benefits more than just one party and is still profitable and above all sustainable. Come and join us for a great talk, food and drinks!

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