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Do you love to travel so much that being at home feels like it's just time in between trips? Or are you someone who has always dreamed of traveling but most of the people you know think you're crazy or don't really support the idea of backpacking through some far flung place all alone?

Well this may be the club for you! I've always felt that there is a special sensibility among the well traveled and also a sense of wonder and possibilities among those who haven't traveled yet but want to start. I want to bring both types of people together and break bread, talk trips, discuss challenges and great experiences and (eventually) even plan a group trip to help new travelers get their feet wet. The world is truly awesome and BIG. It would take a lifetime (maybe several lifetimes to see all of it).

I want new and well traveled folks alike to join. People who can only travel once a year and those who are addicted: all are welcome.

I am not setting any particular age limit but I'd like to create a group of people who are generally younger just to keep the group to a similar generational perspective and to make it easier for people in the group to meet people around your age group. I would love to have college students who are backpacking mixed in with working professionals who juggle a job and travel. I think it's fun to get those perspectives mixed too.

We will do themed dinners out (must RSVP in advance) and other events related to travel.

I will be announcing the first meet-up soon! Every meetup Ill build around a specific destination and bring some topics for discussion around the food we eat. See you soon!

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